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The Digital ALCHEMY Formula: Your Content Machine

This course will teach you how to build a content MACHINE for your business. One that builds awareness, attention, & authority for you in your space. Once completed, it’ll only take you 2-3 hours a month for you or a team mate to manage, while driving you leads and sales. Free for a limited time.


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Your Free access to the course will end 2 weeks after I finish production of the course. So please go through the modules as the become available. If you’d like to have lifetime access to “Your Content Machine“, you may grab it now for a 90% off discount. Today’s Price is only $99 & will go up in $100 increments as I finish more of the course. Final price of the course will be $999.

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What You'll Discover

  •  How to build the Three A’s into your content strategy: Awareness, Attention, & Authority.
  •  How to build leverage into your content strategy so you are only spending 2-3 hours a month on content.
  •  How to build content in a way that actually turns viewers into leads and sales.
  •  The 4 content structures you need to be creating if your want to create authority and influence in your space and not just audience.
  •  The one content type that is the most leverage-able and makes a great input for your content machine.
  • So much more...

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I hate it when people share my info online, so you can rest assured that I will not share or trade any information that you provide me (including e-mail addresses).

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