Free Workshops

Designed To Bring Clients In Your Door

Webinar Alchemy

How To Write A Persuasive Webinar, Workshop, Masterclass, or Stage Talk That’s Designed To Both Empower Your Listeners And Leave Them Begging To Buy From You.

Centrifuge Funnel

A Simple 3-Step Funnel That Generates 2-3 Perfectly Qualified Leads Per Day For Your Existing Online or Offline Business (Without Wasting Any More Money On Stuff That Doesn't Work Or Getting Bogged Down With Technical Details)

The Gold Workshop

How To Save More, Spend Less, Protect Your Assets, & Alleviate Financial Uncertainty In The Face Of Economic Crisis. Learn Kick-Ass Asset Protection Techniques With Affordable Small Quantity Gold.

Social Sales Funnel Formula

How To Attract 6-8 Times More Leads Into Your Business By The End Of This Week (without increasing your ad spend by a single dime!)