Everyone Loves A HERO

Heroes do great things.
Heroes are larger than life.
Heroes show us the best vision of our world.
Heroes show us what it looks like to be our best possible selves.
Heroes are looked up to for direction, guidance, inspiration, & vision.


If you were to take a moment right now and think about it, I’d bet that you have a few heroes in your own life.

Maybe it’s one of your parents, a teacher in school, a preacher, an author of a book or blog, a tv personality, a character in a book, movie, or history, or just a regular Joe who you happen to know is incredibly awesome.

They are the people you looked up to, learned from, and modeled your behavior after. You may have even dreamed that one day you would be like them. That you would do what they do. Maybe even have what they have.

They inspired you and without their influence, you simply wouldn’t be who you are today.

Heroes have a funny way of doing that, changing peoples lives.

What Makes A HERO?

What is it about someone that makes them seem larger than life?

What gives them the ability to influence others,
sometimes far beyond the reach of their own lives?

What makes them different?

Their Success

Their Attitudes

Their Advice

Their Work


HEROs Live & Act On A Set Of Principles


Principle is such a simple sounding word that it belies the great power behind it’s meaning.

A principle is simply a truth about life.

A truth that defines the way a person thinks and acts.

When someone acts on principles it’s like they have the keys to unlock the power of the universe.

They become successful at what they do, and by virtue of that success, they become an influence in the lives of anyone they touch.

Your kids are gonna have a HERO.

It had damn well better be you.


Wether you have kids or not is irrelevant.

You have been or will be given the opportunity to influence people in your life. 

Those people get to choose who their influences are… and if you aren’t worthy… if you aren’t actually a HERO… then they won’t choose you.

The good news is you can become the type of person that others look up to.

You can become the type of person that has a positive impact on people lives. 

And if you have kids there is no greater calling than to become their HERO so you can influence them and help them grow into their own successful adults.


Welcome To The HERO Show

We Have Three Simple Goals:

To Identify

Modern day HEROS based on the success, influence, or value they have created in their business or life.

To Interview

Those HEROs and get them to spill their guts on the principled actions that have created the success and influence they enjoy

To Integrate

Those principles into our own lives and to help as many people as we can do the same thing, because our world needs more HEROs.

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