Standard Agreement


Below you’ll find detail on my standard agreement for a full Heroic Brand build out. There is enough detail here that it can form the basis of our working agreement if you’d like. Please give it a read and if you have questions, please reply with a confirmation or let’s chat again. I am eager to get started!

In this document

Client = and Team / Consultant = Richard Matthews + Team

The need for a contract is up to you. We will work diligently regardless. Some of our clients prepare lengthy contracts (that only lawyers can understand) and others work with us on an email & a handshake. If you confirm that what’s in this proposal is acceptable to you, then this proposal can form the basis of our agreement and we go to work. If you want something more formal, then you may have your attorney draft something BASED on this proposal and then we’ll go to work.

We’re genuinely excited and will step you through the process as soon as you say “GO.” As soon as your first payment comes through, we will schedule our “kick-off” call and get things rolling.


This relationship should be viewed as closer to a (non-legal) partnership than strictly a payment for services rendered. Our goal is to structure this deal where we win together and lose together, so all parties interests are aligned for maximum success.

Our basic plan consists of three key ideas: Initial build out of assets for sales, long term automations and follow ups for promtion (and sales), and a content distribution and promotion strategy to build the audience needed to show your offers to. We detail the full plan in the Scope of Work section based on more detailed phases of development.

Our first driver will be triaging your current business to find assets and holes so we can build out a “one thing” style funnel that will form as the lynch pin for your business moving forward. Then we will get the minimum viable product and funnel live quickly, so we can produce a positive cash flow as quickly as possible.

After that is accomplished, we’ll focus on creating the rest of your product stack, setting up the tech to support the busienss, building out tracking, and setting up long-term follow up funnels so you can drive traffic profitably over the long term.

Finally we will transition into what I call the “Your Content Machine” phase where we will start production and distribution of original and derivative content over all the main social media platforms and strategic promotion for audience growth. This will allow us to build the audeince you are funneling into your tribe.

During this process we will use what you’ve already created as much as possible, but it will also require adjustments to existing resources as well as the creation of new assets derived from your expertise.


This section makes expectations explicit so we can all be on the same page.


One of the key “throttles” that determines the speed that this project can be completed is communication. At different stages in development, the consultant will need client available for phone calls and web conferencing to help our ability to structure content and adjust assets.

Further, clear communication of goals and expectations will make the process run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved and allow us to create a win-win scenario.

We suggest a weekly “catch up” style call over zoom to check on progress, accomplish strategy, and just generally make sure our plans are running smoothly.


Everyone has a role to play in this endeavor. This section makes it clear where the duties will ultimately fall as we progress through this process.


  • Coaching
  • Web Development
  • Funnel Development
  • Copy Optimization
  • Ad Strategy
  • On going distribution and promotion of content
  • Tech-stack build out


  • Subject matter expertise
  • Group Coaching Content & Delivery
  • Course Content & Delivery
  • Phone Sales or manned sales (strategy sessions) – if applicable
  • Customer service post sale


  • Delivery of live webinars (if you need an experienced host)
  • On customer issues, client will handle day to day issues EXCEPT when there are technical issues the client can’t resolve on their own.

Product Adaptability

Your product stack shouldn’t be considered set in stone. It should be something we can optimize based on feedback from marketing success (or lack thereof) or on customer feedback.

Optimization may include subject matter, bundling, pricing, medium of delivery, or intimacy levels

Resources and Materials

Anything necessary to complete consultants job must be made available. This would include all current funnel materials, descriptive copy, images of office or experts.

Marketing Disclosure

It is imperative that CONSULTANTS be aware of ANY related marketing online or offline in other channels for same program/funnel (Active ads, blog posts, Social Media or Facebook marketing, sells reps, affiliates, etc.). Just keep us in the loop on other things you’re doing at all times. This sometimes helps in surprising ways and allows us to lend our expertise when and where appropriate.

Marketing Opportunities

Client agrees to pursue marketing opportunities to promote program sales via existing customer/ prospect lists, company site/blog, and partner or cooperative lists.

Client agrees that whenever possible, potential buyers will be given the opportunity to go through this funnel if that potential buyer is at company site/blog or social media page.

Client understands that driving program sales via another sales channel (for example a teleconference or speaking opportunity) is also a smart idea and will consider these opportunities on a case by case basis. Once the funnel is built it makes sense to fill it at every occasion possible.


The setup and monthly retainer fee covers our time, expertise, and access to our proven templates.

Other expenses, such as Advertising costs, tools, software, and web services are your responsibility. Where possible, we strive to save money by leveraging licenses we have available, but it is in your best interest to secure your own licenses to retain ownership and functionality of these systems long term.

All of these ideas are detailed on the next page.

Option 1 – Up Front Payment: $60,000

We can do a one-time payment in the amount listed above and this sercures our services for 8 months. We will build out everything in the scope of work below as well as anything we discuss on our weekly catch up calls that get’s added to the opened ended development phase below. 

Option 2 – Monthly Retainer: $5,000/month $2,500/month

Our standard working relationship is this monthly retainer. The retainer is “no-contract” and we can cancel or stop at any-time, but we do recommend a minimum of 6 months to get the most out of our relationship. This gives us time to both build out funnels, tracking, audience building strategeis, and to test and tweak to get the best performace out of them. This covers everythig in our scope of work below as well as anything else we add to the scope duting our weekly catch up calls  that get’s added to the opened ended development phase below. 

Additional Expenses That Must Be Covered

There will occasionally be additional expenses recommended for strategy implementation. (for example: the cost of a press release, a piece of software or tool needed, outside advertising costs not related to the front end webinar funnel, or other such expenses) If so, after discussing the strategy or tool, this would be paid for by CLIENT and not deducted in any way when calculating commissions. You may already have some or all of these tools in place. These are simply suggestions.

Web Services

You will need a Hosting Account and a wordpress site on that hosting account. We STRONGLY recommend using WPengine hosting or our own Virtual Private Servers (you can either secure this directly, or we can provide it for you at a cost of $29/month). The sites we build out are resource intensive, and budget hosting does not meet the demands of this level of site. 

Cost: $29/month

Beaver Builder WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows us to build beautiful dynamic sites that also give you the power to make changes without our direct help in most cases. We are happy to use our license to develop the site initially, but we highly recommend you secure your own license to retain 100% ownership of the site indefinitely.

Immediate Cost: $0

Long Term Cost: $200/year

LearnDash Course Platform

The membership software controls a few pieces of your website and programs. It will handle protection of content, delivery of content, & user interaction on site. If you have a current system, we can use that. 

Cost: ~$99/year 

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software

This is the email autoresponder and automation building software that runs all of the backend pieces of the online funnels. ActiveCampaign is billed by the number of users. To start off the lowest number of users should be fine. Groundhogg is part of a suite of services we offer to clients if you’d like that. Similar service would be Infusionsoft, we can use this as well, but it’s far more expensive. 

Cost: ~$17/month 


Phase 1 – Initial Daneilla Sabrina Funnel

Brand Website Development

  • Home Page: style, copywriting, photography selection and edtis
  • About page: style, copywriting, photography selection and edtis
  • Blog Archive setup with sidebar offers and header/footer CTA’s
  • Blog Single  setup with sidebar offers and header/footer CTA’s and Article CTA’s
  • Podcast Archive
  • Shopping, Funnels, Payment Processesing, & Course Delivery backend setup
  • Nail down branding: Logo, Font selection, photography, color selection

Free Opt-in Funnel Development

  • This would be for your “Free” engagment optins. For podcasts, speaking, etc. where you need to offer somthign to the crowd and you can’t or don’t want to sell. We will use somethig like Textiful to setup a Text2Subscribe system. 
  • We will also build out a landing page and delivery of content system. 
  • This funnel will lead directly to the Liquidation funnel below. 
  • We will build out a “reminder” and “milestone” style email follow up sequence that leads into the liqudation funnel below. 
  • These “leads” are all freebie seeker leads and should be looked at as lower quality. We will silo them in your email system to protect deliverability for your more engaged people and customers. 

Liquidation Funnel Development

  • This makes for a good option at the front of the funnel between an opt-in and your webinars. 
  • We can use your existing ebook as a “Free + Shipping” offer for this type of funnel.
    • Sales letter for Book or Paid webinar, 
    • Checkout page with $29 order bump product (to be developed or selected)
    • One Time offer page for $150 product (to be developed or selected)
      • Downsell for $50×3 for poeple who don’t take above
    • One time offer page for $300 product (to be developed or Selected)
    • Offer Wall/Order Confirmation page
    • Webinar as delivery or bonus
    • Build out of Custom LuLu API integration to print and deliver book orders on demand
    • This can be done peice-meal. Each piece can be build and added one at a time. The whole funnel doesn’t need to be live for you to start promoting it.


  • Webinar Slide Deck Development
    • We can develop this content together and my team and I can build the actual slide deck (unless you have a desigern on staff and want to handle this)
    • This process will usually happen over the course of 2-3 phone calls where we interview you to find the content that will hook people and then interviewing to pull out the actual content
    • We will then build the actual slide deck and get it to you for review
    • This will follow the framework we discussed. 
    • For your money school webinars, most of the intro and the offer can be re-used over and over again for each module in the course.  We can talk through how this would work.
  • Webinar Registration Funnel
    • Landing Page
    • Thank You Page
    • SMS & Email Follow Up
    • 1 SMS Message (when live)
    • 6 emails
      • Immediate confirmation
      • 2 pre webinar indoctrination video emails
      • Day of, 1 hour prior, 10 minutes prior
  • Webinar Follow Up
    • Attendee Funnel (2 emails)
    • Missed Live Funnel (2 Emails)
    • 5-Day Follow Up (7 Emails)
    • 2-Day PayPal Follow Up (2 Emails)
    • Deadline Funnel setup (2 Deadlines)
  • Webinar Delivery
    • Webinar
    • Interview style vs Lecture style
      • We recommend Interview style
      • Do webinar with Richard (or one of your expeirence staff members) as host and you (Stefanie) as Expert Guest
        • You can do these however you’d like, but we’ve found the interview style to convert the best for sales
      • Makes for much better interaction on webinar
    • Will want to perform the webinar live several times to nail down content and get common questions asked and built into presentation for eventual evergreening of the webinar
    • Build evergreen webinar. This just means we will adjust the above funnel pieces to remove references to specific dates and times and allow people to watch the recorded webinar immediately.

Phase 2 – Brain Campaign Development

  • Evergreen Launch Follow Up
    • Interest probe emails (3 emails)
    • Launch emails (2 per day for 3 days)
    • Video page for each day of launch
    • We will get you a document that contains the text of every email in the sequence for your review. You may or may not want to update our language to fit your personal style of speaking to your potential clients
  • 24 Week Smart follow up campaign
    • We need to develop 3-4 angles of approach for each of the products in your liquidation funnel so we can use them as bribes to join your money school program.
    • We develop a weekly campaign promoting these products
    • The goal is to have 6 months worth of follow up campaigns setup that are constantly driving people back to your main offer. 
    • Each of these campaigns is ususally 4-8 emails, 1 content page, and 1 checkout page.
  • Strategy Session Funnel Development (optional if you want to have higher ticket sales)
    • Useful to close higher ticket sales, we can use this as one of the angles of approach that get used over an over to fill up a sales person calendar.
    • Application development
    • Application Page
    • Schedule Page
      • We will need as many testimonials as you have for this page
    • Application Interest Funnel – 3-day sequence
    • Complete Application Funnel – 3-day sequence
    • Schedule Strategy Session Funnel – 3-day sequence
    • Setup of ScheduleOnce (includes Appointment Show Up Sequence)

WTAT Phase 3 – Other Things we need to develop

  • WTAT: While This Also That  – meaning that these things will be developed in conjunction with the above phases. 
  • Tracking system
    • We will build out a tracking system that lets you know how every part of your funnels are performing. We do this with a combination of Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and Sheets. We use a propritary technology that allows us to Capture UTM data at the point of lead conversion and again at the point of sales conversion and saves that data to the contacts lead record. This lets you see exactly which campaigns are driving leads and which campaigns are driving sales. With the module nature of our brain campaign, it also means you can move the best performing campaigns to the front and front load revenue creation. 
    • Tag manager setup
    • Google Sheets Trackign guide setup
    • Google Analytics setup with goals and real time tracking
    • Google Optimize setup for on the fly split testing
    • UTM data collection on all Opt-in Forms and Checkout Forms
    • UTM Builder and UTM Legend setup
  • Tech Stack
    • Building any supporting technology to help run and manage your business
  • Other courses/programs
    • Building out of any other supporting courses or programs and integrating them into your marketing plan

Phase 4 – Your Content Machine

  • Convert Podcast to once a week
  • Help with strategy for show style and recording
  • Build automations to make it so you can batch record content and have it published and promoted automatically
  • Regular creation and distribution of derivative content to make you show up everywhere
  • Strategic ad promotion of content
  • Engagment analysis so we can do heavier promotion of content your audience likes
  • Strategically drive viewership into your paid funnels with ads and promoted content.


  1. Please read the contract on the previous page to make sure you understand all the details involved with us working together. It’s really important to us that everything is transparent and understood from the beginning so that we lay a solid foundation for a great working relationship.
  2. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We’re happy to clarify any points and there may be some items that we can sort out together. We’re committed to finding the best way to work together.
  3. Once you feel confident about everything and are ready to move forward, please reply to the email with your acceptance of this offer.
  4. Once we receive the email notification of your acceptance, we’ll contact you shortly to sort out next steps, send payment details, and get the project rolling.
  5. If you’d like to speak to me by phone, don’t hesitate to call