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Episode 107 – Roman Mironov

“The happiness that the client feels from that improvement spills over into all other areas, including business, and they actually realize the things we worked on in the relationship they can now go and apply in business. For example, I usually help clients learn how to be a better listener. Like active listening, not interrupting, really appreciating what the person is telling you. This is all about unconditional love and unconditional love is just one of the most important things that I teach.”
— Roman Mironov

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Episode 106 – Heather Breedlove

“One thing that’s always resonated with me is fear. And I’ve been very conscious about saying if I’m afraid of something, I ask myself why I’m afraid and then I almost do it anyway because I’m also fearful that the first time I let fear win, my world will get smaller and I’m not gonna step outside of my containment bubble I put myself in. So that’s my checkpoint for myself. I’m afraid of doing something, I’m gonna do it anyway.”

— Heather Breedlove

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Episode 105 – Paul Guarino

“So I think, I don’t want to say dream, but the standard is to go to college and all that. But I kind of realized even early just going into freshman year sitting in my dorm, trying to think of ideas to drop out of college. Things like that. I just think I never really was meant to be a person that works a nine to five job. So that’s probably how I became an entrepreneur. -I think I was just pretty much, I guess, born to do that.”

— Paul Guarino

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Episode 104 Part 2 – Fabrice Sapolsky

“When I draw a rough draft or write the skeleton of a script, I leave it out afterwards. A short time later, I tackle it again with a fresh pair of eyes. And if it can survive the second look, then it’s good enough for me to invest time in it. I wish clients would have the same level of respect for us. When you spend a long time servicing other people, you kind of trust their judgment more than you trust yourself. Never forget that the reason they came to take you is that you know something that they don’t.”

— Fabrice Sapolsky

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Episode 104 Part 1 – Fabrice Sapolsky

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s very hard to really tell what’s right and what’s wrong, and who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. But actually, when you look at how companies have been built in the past century when a new member comes, he or she comes, they come with their own network and sensibilities. These people are left alone and work with their own sensibilities, moral compass, methods, and they’re not completely watered down by the company they’re working in.”

— Fabrice Sapolsky

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Episode 103 Part 2 – Lee Chambers

“Perfectionism caused me to procrastinate. And then, the progress and momentum started to wane. So I started to accept, “Start now, get perfect later.” I realized that perfectionism is the lowest rating you could give yourself because your floor becomes your ceiling and you don’t have anywhere to move. I started to rewire my understanding of myself, remove perfectionism from the calendar, and replace it with optimism.”

— Lee Chambers

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Episode 103 Part 1 – Lee Chambers

“If I can bring myself from that hospital bed back onto my feet, and I’ve got all this experience through local government, elite spa, all these qualifications, why don’t I use my entrepreneurial spirit to bring something to the world that helps people who are going through what I’ve gone through and just make workplaces better place to be, where people go in and come out as well as they went into the office. And that really all started this process of building Essentialise.”

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The HERO Show Episode 102 by Richard Matthews featuring Amanda Love - How to Win Over Fibromyalgia through the Power of Nutrition [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 102 – Amanda Love

“I realized I kept going to all these medical professionals and finally found a wellness chiropractor who did all the testing for food sensitivities. I found out I was very sensitive to gluten. And I realized there wasn’t anyone out there helping with the nutrition aspect of fibromyalgia. So, I thought I’ll go into the nutrition aspect because I love nutrition. I did personal training but I got sick after that. And so, I believe I’m put on this on this earth to help people with fibromyalgia”

— Amanda Elise Love

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Episode 101 – Sarah St John

“Well, one thing I recently implemented is that for every hour I spend learning, spend another hour implementing. Because I found that I get so caught up in education which education is good you should learn and read books and watch webinars and all of those things, take courses but it was getting to a point that was all I was doing. So I’ve recently started, for every hour I read a book, watch a webinar whatever, I spend another hour implementing that thing I learned to help my business.”

— Sarah St John

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The HERO Show Episode 100 by Richard Matthews featuring Zach Hammer - Uplift Your Business and Live Your Best Life by Proactively Giving Part 2 [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 100 Part 2 – Zach Hammer

“I didn’t seek out real estate, it was a job opportunity. And then, I humbly became some level of an expert in it. And so, I seek to help those people who are fighting for their dreams, fighting for their goals. I seek to help, enable them, people to move into this world where I think the competition is getting drastically better. ”

— Zach Hammer

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