Refund Policy

Retainer Purchases

No refunds offered for retainer work. This represents me and my teams time and resources expended on your projects.

WPEngine Hosting Fees

No refunds offered for hosting fees. We pay to have your site up. We don’t uncharge this fee (in-fact we discount it for you). We just pass the cost on.

Course Purchases

Courses may be eligible for a performance guarantee. If you go through one of my courses and have a problem achieving the result promised by the course, please schedule a time to hop on the phone with me here: If we can’t solve your issue, I’ll happily offer a refund.

Software/Plugin Licenses

No refunds offered for software licenses. If you have a software license through me, it’s active on your site and the licenses is generally good until the end of the year. You can cancel your subscription any time, but there will be no refunds or proration. You will need to purchase your own license at the end of the year should you continue to want support and updates for that software or plugin.