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Testimonial Alchemy

Learn How To Record Compelling Testimonials That Increase Conversion Rates & Ultimately Make You More Money

Have you ever wished you could record those compelling, emotional, believable testimonial videos that get across the benefits of your products, your services or your business, but haven’t because you thought you’d need expensive cameras, complex software, and bulky lighting setups?

REVEALED: Professional Photographer Turned Marketing Coach Shares His Simple Video Secrets That Will Teach You How Increase Your Sales With Amazing Testimonial Videos You Can Record With Nothing But A Smartphone, An Inexpensive Lavalier Mic, & A Lamp.

Plus, Because The Process Is So Easy And Non-Intimidating For Both Of You, Your Customers Will Be Happy To Get On Camera And Give You Coherent, Believable & Persuasive Testimonials.

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If You Have Tried To Record Compelling Customer Testimonial Videos In The Past You Have Undoubtedly Run Into One Problem After Another…

It’s no secret…

Trying to record the compelling, believable testimonial videos from your customers that both make your business look professional and help you increase sales, especially if you want a high-end polished feel, is extremely difficult if you’re not a trained videographer with access to high-end gear and expensive lighting setups.

If you’ve tried to tackle this task yourself in the past, you were probably met with lots of headaches and closed doors.

It may have seemed like the only option was to hire a professional video crew who would only end up scaring off your customers with their big cameras, fancy lights, and in-your-face microphones.

All of which would just keep those customers from giving you those honest, heartfelt, emotional stories that you know would help you make more sales if you could just capture them and share them with potential buyers.

Here Are Some Common Problems You May Have Run Into:

  • Perhaps you have tried shooting video hand-held with your camera or your smartphone which just ended up giving you poor quality videos that are shaky, poorly lit, and have bad audio… Which may look authentic… but makes your business feel cheap.
  • Or you have attempted to get customers to tell you their story by just pointing the camera at them and having them talk, which likely resulted in videos that look staged or with stories that feel forced and inauthentic because customers don’t really know what to say and you don’t really know how to prompt them.

It’s really no wonder most people who try on their own to learn the ins and outs of videography enough to record their own compelling  testimonials just give up.

But the truth is…

Being Able To Increase Your Sales & Conversion Rates With Compelling, Believable Testimonial Videos That Make Your Business Look Like A Million Bucks Is Much Closer Than You Think…



Richard Matthews here and yes, I’ve been down the same road.

I paid my way through college as a professional photographer… so when it came to simple videography, like recording a ccustomer’stestimonial, I thought I had it in the bag.

Boy was I wrong…

While video does share some core principles with photography, it’s a completely different beast.

However, with a little bit of practice and some hard-core study into the differences between photo and video…

Not to mention learning how to speak to and work with a customer to get that natural, heart-felt, emotional story…

I am now finally able to record the perfect video testimonial every single time… and the best part is that because I do everything with my Smartphone today… I can capture that story in the exact moment that my clients are most excited about their results which gives me the most emotional and compelling stories.

I can now literally record, edit, and publish testimonials that look like they were shot by professional video crews in just a few minutes from just my smartphone…

Which means that I can easily increase the conversion rates on all my digital marketing properties with relative ease.

But I’ve never forgotten the frustration I went through before learning what I know now about this process.

I Literally Tried It All! I Was Beaten Down & Ready To Throw In The Towel

Roadblocks were my constant reality.

What often stopped me dead in my tracks was that I didn’t know how to use simple lighting techniques to make my videos look like gold. What I knew about lighting from photography didn’t seem to translate onto video because you are using constant lighting sources instead of flash.

I also didn’t have access to the simple editing apps that are now available on smartphones to edit my footage into stunning videos. I was always limited before because I didn’t have the professional editing apps… thankfully you don’t need those anymore.

And to top it all off, I didn’t know how to talk to my customers to really pull compelling emotional stories out of them that would convince my audience that I was indeed the best option to help them solve their problems.

Of Course, I’m Sure You Know Exactly What I mean…

So you couldn’t blame me for wanting to give up when this sounds so familiar to you…

  • Perhaps you have tried shooting video hand-held with your camera or your smartphone which just ended up giving you poor quality videos that are shaky, poorly lit, and have bad audio… Which may look authentic… but makes your business feel cheap.
  • Or you have attempted to get customers to tell you their story by just pointing the camera at them and having them talk, which likely resulted in videos that look staged or with stories that feel forced and inauthentic because customers don’t really know what to say and you don’t really know how to prompt them.

They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to product different results. Well… being a fairly sane person, I was out of fresh ideas and I was tired of getting lack luster video testimonial results and almost gave up even trying.

Being a bit of a perfectionist (that’s the photographer in me) I figured it would be better to not even have video testimonials than to have some that were less than perfect (I know… that’s a terrible way to think… but that’s where I was).

Something Happened That Changed Everything…

I woke up one day, hit my head and like magic I just became an awesome videographer totally capable of eliciting amazing stories from all my clients… and then turning that footage into killer finished videos… all of which lead me selling tons and tons of my products to everyone who his my sales pages and I became millionaire overnight! 

I’m kidding obviously :o)

But I really was just steps away from giving up on using testimonial videos in my business entirely… 

And that would have been a bad decision… because high quality testimonials have been shown empirically to increase sales online.

In fact, the good folks over at SamCart did a big data test that plotted testimonial use over 100K transitions in there system and showed that effective use of testimonials (video being the best kind) that…

Your Sales Could Be Increased As Much As 21.6% Or More

So not learning this skill was literally costing me 21.6% of my potential sales every single day.

That’s when I made a simple discovery…

Instead of trying to use and learn all of the complicated, expensive videography equipment (that I thought I could use… cause I was a photographer)…

I found that with I could accomplish everything I needed with a modern smartphone and a little bit of know-how. 

I quickly learned the few simple video principles that would let me easily create testimonials that rivaled those produced by professional video crews…

All because I was able to focus on the process and principles instead of on learning gear and trying to become an artist in a  field that I’ve got no talent for.

I could hardly believe how easy it was after I learned a few simple tricks. After making so many mistakes, I couldn’t believe that I had stumbled on the answer… or that it was so easy.

However, knowing I wasn’t the only one who had suffered with this problem, I had to share my formula for success.

After all, I wasn’t anything special.

My background as a photographer didn’t even factor in.

In-fact it wasn’t until I forgot all of that that, that I was able to start producing high-quality compelling testimonial videos for my business and those of my clients.

Which is why I’m so glad you’ve stumbled your own way to this letter. I can’t wait to introduce you to…

Testimonial Alchemy

The “Secret” Course That Will Walk You Step-By-Step Through A Simple Non-Intimidating Process You Can Use To Record Compelling, Believable Testimonials Videos That You Can Employ In Your Business To Increase Sales.

If you want to know how I am able to record, edit, & publish amazing testimonial videos with nothing but a smartphone, an inexpensive lavaliere microphone, and a lamp… well… this is it.

And trust me, this solution is likely going to frustrate you. Not Because it doesn’t work. But because you’ll be shocked at how simple it is (I honesty couldn’t believe it myself!)

So What’s Inside Testimonial Alchemy?


Module 1:
What Makes A Great Testimonial

Remember the goal is to increase your sales. So you need to know what it is about a testimonial that leads to those increases. You learn the secret to a great story. Here you learn why video is the best format. You learn what number of testimonials you should have on your sales pages… and most importantly… you learn the perfect script for capturing those emotional heart tugging stories on camera.

Value: $99


Module 2:
Recording Your Testimonial

This is the first technical module. Here we dive step-by-step into the exact tools you need to record a great testimonial video. Including what gear you might need. And what to do if you aren’t in the same physical location as your customers (hint: we live in a virtual world… you can get great video recorded remotely).

Value: $149


Module 3:
Editing Your Testimonial

This is big because if you really want to see those increases in sales you can’t just put up the raw footage you record. That looks cheap and unprofessional (and it’s what most people do). But not you. Once you’re done with this module you’ll know exactly how you can edit your perfect testimonial footage into a masterpiece using just your smartphone. But don’t worry, I also show you how to do it from a Mac or PC if you’re so inclined.

Value: $249


Module 4:
Using Your Testimonial

This is probably the most important module. Cause what good does it do to record epic testimonials if you don’t actually use them. So here we’ll cover how you put them into your sales process for best affect. But that’s not the only use for testimonials. So we’ll cover some other uses for testimonials like scoring points and building relationships with people you respect or adding them to your static web pages to add social proof and increase leads. Very cool stuff.

Value: 20+% Increase In Sales

You’ll Learn The Secret To Making Powerful Testimonials Just Like These:

Hmm… What’s The Catch Here?

Again, fair question. What do I get out of sharing this information really?

Well, I’m a straight-to-the-point kind of guy… so I’ll be totally honest with you…

First off, I hope to be able to make a bit of profit by teaching others a skill I have mastered. Isn’t that why we do anything in business?

We provide massive value to others so we can make a profit in return.

And that’s my plan… to provide you with waaaay more value than you ever spend with me.

Think about this…

You could always go the route of hiring a professional team to shoot your testimonial videos. And they will be great. They will probably cost you nearly $1,000 per video if you hire a good team, and you know what? It would be worth every penny.

Because a good video testimonial is like gold. Used properly they can improve conversion rates at every step of your sales funnels and drastically increase your over all revenues.

Your other option is to try what I did… and go out and buy all of the fancy video equipment that the pros use, including the expensive lighting, and microphones, and editing equipment.

Then struggle to learn how to use it.

If you don’t count your hours of time to learn that stuff, you’ll easily spend $5,000 dollars just on equipment (and that’s modest). Just talk to any of us photographer/videographer folks… we are equipment junkies. It’s like a drug. You’d be lucky if you don’t catch the bug and only spend $5k. Haha…

Or finally, there’s the chance that you’ll stumble upon this solution yourself as you try to figure it out. Actually, I have no doubt that you could… but really… why waste any more time hoping for a solution when there is one sitting right here for you?

And really, does it matter if I make a bit of a profit if it means you save yourself a ton of money, time, and stress for a fast tracked learning experience?

And don’t worry…

You won’t have to pay anywhere near $1,000 or $5,000 for this training.

In fact… even after you buy the few pieces of equipment you do need in addition to this training…. it’ll be way less than that.

I mean let’s face it… chances are like 1 in 2 that you are reading this very letter from your Smartphone right now which means you already own the most expensive piece of equipment you’ll need.

And just to be 100% sure you get an immense amount of value from this offer… I’m going to kick it up a notch.

When You Sign Up For Testimonial Alchemy Today, You’ll Also Get Access Access To Three Very Special Bonuses That Will Take Your Learning To The Next Level…


The Perfect Testimonial Script

This will help you elicit compelling emotional stories from your customers that showcase their journey, their struggles, and the results you were able to bring them. Which will give you simple tools to get consistency compelling testimonials whenever you need them.

Value: $200


The Smartphone Video Buyers Guide

This will help you get exactly the right pieces of gear to let you shoot amazing testimonials… without having to spend a fortune or have a huge set of video equipment. In fact, you probably already have most of this gear in your home. I mean who doesn’t have a desk lamp? But I’ll also show you some of the professional counterparts if you want to step up your game.

Value: $247


The Testimonial Test

This simple bonus is designed to give you a simple testing ground to record, edit, and publish your first testimonial so can learn the process before you start approaching your customers. What I’ll do is have you record your first testimonial and have you upload it to our forums and I’ll give you back a critique with suggestions (if needed) so you can really learn the process. And it will give you a chance to ask me any questions if you run into any problems.

Value: $99

That’s $297 Worth Of Great Guides Completely Free!

But there is one thing…

This offer will be closing after I get 100 people to take me up on it… That’s because I need to run this brand new course through a set of beta users to get feedback and testimonials before I launch it to the public.

But no worries.

I’m all about simplicity, which includes making this a super simple decision to make.


That’s Why You Can Try Out Testimonial Alchemy Completely Risk Free!

I want to guarantee you take advantage of this offer today, and feel great about it.

You’re protected by my 30-Day Money back guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, you get in touch with my team and I’ll make sure you get a complete refund. It’s that simple.

“Yes, I’m Ready To Dive In! What’s It Gonna Cost Me?”

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive who you secure your spot inside of Testimonial Alchemy right now:

  • Module 1: The Perfect Testimonial – $99
  • Module 2: Recording Your Testimonial – $149
  • Module 3: Editing Your Testimonials – $249
  • Module 4: Using Your Testimonials – 20+ Increase Could Be Equal To Thousands. Let’s just say $497

And You’re Also Getting:

  • The Perfect Testimonial Script – $200
  • The Smartphone Video Buyers Guide – $247
  • The Testimonial Test – $99

When You Secure Your Spot Inside Of Testimonial Alchemy Today, You’ll Get A Total Value Of $1,540.00 For Only…

$99 – That’s Right, Less Than $100 For A Limited Time
Register For Course Today

Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you for reading this letter.

I’m truly excited for you to get started with Testimonial Alchemy and start recording incredible testimonials that you can use in your business to really spread your value further into the world.

Talk to you soon,

Richard Matthews


PS – If you let this offer pass you buy, you can guarantee one thing: nothing will change. At least, not for awhile. But, grab Testimonial Alchemy right now, and you’ll be on your way to finally being able to record the perfect testimonial videos right from your smartphone. All you have to do is click the “Register” button above.

PPS – Keep in mind, this offer will be closing as soon as I have 100 people who have taking me up on it who promise to leave me their own testimonial video I can use to promote this course to the public. No worries though! You can try it out today, and if on the rare occasion I don’t deliver on my promise to teach you how to record compelling video testimonials right from your Smartphone, I’ll gladly give you full refund of your $97 registration fee with my rock solid 30 Day Guarantee. Just click that register button above to get started now.


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