FKIC Lead Tracking Tutorial


How To Pass Lead Data From One Step To The Next In Your Sales Funnels



Advanced Full Life-Cycle lead tracking… wanna know how to do it? Video below shows how it works. If you guys want a longer how-to tutorial… I’ll make it up.

Basic concept…Learn how you can pass lead data from ad to registration page to webinar pages to application pages to scheduling pages and anything else you have in your funnel. Also, how you can use this data on page to pre-fill applications, order forms, scheduling pages, etc. to increase conversions.

And capture it all in the contact record (tutorial will be active campaign specific, bu you can do it anywhere you can create custom fields).

Think of it like this:
Facebook pixel tracing will tell you looking at the campaign forward how many sales a particular campaign is responsible for (when implemented correctly).

This type of tracking will tell you looking from the sales backward which marketing channels, campaigns, and/or ads are responsible for creating the sale. Very specific. Bonus that you can increase conversions with pre-filling and other fancy stuff.


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