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The HERO Show Episode 51 by Richard Matthews featuring Dillon Hill - Asking the World for Help to Save a Friend [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 051 – Dillon Hill

“One of the things that we communicate is, we’re not always going to be happy. There times when you are really going to be sad. What you need to do is pull yourself to the middle ground–when your sad, you have to acknowledge the ups & when you’re really high, that will not last forever so we must appreciate the happy moments.”

— Dillon Hill

Episode 050 – Andrew Allemann

“I had this problem. I was podcasting and have done about 50 interviews with people I knew from the domain name industry. I realized that I have gone through my roladuct and I was looking for more. I looked out there and realized that there is a market for inexpensive solutions to finding guests for podcasts.”

— Andrew Allemann

The HERO Show Episode 49 by Richard Matthews featuring Eric G. Reid - Live Life With Success by Mastering Your Habits & Controlling Your Mindset [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 049 – Eric G. Reid

“A commitment is a covenant, in a way. Before I make that commitment, I better understand the full cost because I can’t release myself from a commitment, only the other person or party can. Having those commitments with discipline and consistency is what will grow your business much faster than the slick logo, tagline, or pretty website. If you show up and do average every single day for 1000 days, you will beat out the guy who spends $1000 one Facebook ads trying to boost his popularity.”

— Eric G. Reid

The HERO Show Episode 48 by Richard Matthews featuring Mike Koehler - Doing Great Work Yields Happy Clients and Good Money [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 048 – Mike Koehler

“Whenever someone asks me what our vision statement is I always say, ‘Do great work to get happy clients and make good money.’ That’s my vision statement. That’s all that we need to be doing. It’s been a great journey to get to that point.”

— Mike Koehler

The HERO Show Episode 47 by Richard Matthews featuring Scott Harvey - Law Enforcer Turned Professional Speaker on Technology and Communication [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 047 – Scott Harvey

“I think that in today’s communication world when there is a lack of communication, everybody becomes suspect of what’s going on. We have no excuse not to communicate today. When everything hits the fan, companies tend to shut down which, to me, is the most damaging thing they can do.”

— Scott Harvey

The HERO Show Episode 46 by Richard Matthews featuring Amanda J. McIntosh - Starting Your Business by Being Unique, Weird, & Creative! [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 046 – Amanda J. McIntosh

“The whole ‘stay true to yourself’ sounds glib. It sounds so pithy. Don’t come up with marketing messages just because it’s what everyone says. Don’t try to look away just because you think you’re supposed to. Don’t act like your company cares about things because it does not. There is something about integrity and honesty…I’m always so much happier when in every area I’m saying and doing the things that feel better for me.”

— Amanda J. McIntosh

The HERO Show Episode 45 by Richard Matthews featuring Allan Langer - Learn How to Level Up Your Sales by Selling Less [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 045 – Allan Langer

“I’ve always hated the term ‘closing percentage’ or ‘I closed the customer’. It sounds negative like you conquered the customer. It’s adversarial–almost. Every sales organization should change that to the ‘helping percentage’. How many people did you help today?–rather than how many people did you close today? It’s a mindset thing, really.”

— Allan Langer

The HERO Show Episode 44 by Richard Matthews featuring Jordan Ostroff - Managing Expectations & Helping Clients Return to Their Original Position [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 044 – Jordan Ostroff

“I think so many people get caught up in not knowing what they actually want. They don’t know what the problem is or who the ideal client is and what exactly they want to practice. That’s the biggest guiding principle we have now. We try to figure out our ideal clients. ”

— Jordan Ostroff

The HERO Show Episode 43 by Richard Matthews featuring Dmitrii Kustov - The SEO Rockstar – Establishing Partnerships for Near Exponential Growth [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 043 – Dmitrii Kustov

“It was a slow process in the beginning, for sure. But the growth we had after the merge has been tremendous and I am very glad and thankful to have met and known my partners. The growth was almost exponential through the years.”

— Dmitrii Kustov

The HERO Show Episode 42 by Richard Matthews featuring Shawn Anderson - Making The Adventure Bigger Than The Fear [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 042 – Shawn Anderson

“I go the extra mile every single day in three ways: I go the extra mile for my health; I go the extra mile for one other person; and I go the extra mile for my purpose. Every single day, I find a way to go the extra mile in each of these ways.”

— Shawn Anderson

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