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The HERO Show Episode 59 by Richard Matthews featuring Michael Dixon, Sr. - Be 1% Better Every Single Day of Your Life [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 059 – Michael Dixon, Sr.

“My driving force is driving people to fall in love with being who they are and doing what they love every single day no matter what it is. If that requires education, I’m 100% an advocate for it; but if it doesn’t, I’m 100% an advocate for trade schools and any type of certificate programs that can help you get to that place.”

— Michael Dixon, Sr.

The HERO Show Episode 58 by Richard Matthews featuring Artisha Bolding - We are Most Powerful If We Fulfill Our Birth-Given Purpose [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 058 – Artisha Bolding

“I remind my clients to celebrate the achievements that they have already. If they are in some sort of dark place, I always tell them that this is not the first time they’ve had this misstep. I remind them that they have gone through this before. Let’s move! Let’s NOT procrastinate. And silence that inner critic!”

— Artisha Bolding

The HERO Show Episode 57 by Richard Matthews featuring Jean Ginzburg - How to Level-Up and Evolve Your Business Through Digital Marketing [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 057 – Jean Ginzburg

“A fatal flaw that is common to most entrepreneurs is trying to do everything yourself. We need to let go of the controls and the reins. Entrepreneurs need to understand what they are good at and focus on that. And then, finding out what they are not good at and hiring people who can do those jobs for you.”

— Jean Ginzburg

The HERO Show Episode 56 by Richard Matthews featuring Roland Siebelink - The Commitment Sculptor – Your Guide from Startup to Scaleup [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 056 – Roland Siebelink

“Learn. Get as much information as you can from people in your space but be authentic. Be yourself. As a leader, as somebody who is changing the world, all you can do is be authentic to yourself. That will give you the driving force to change the world.”

— Roland Siebelink

The HERO Show Episode 55 by Richard Matthews featuring Manisha Singal - Healer, Educator, & Entrepreneur at the Forefront of the Cannabis Movement [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 055 – Manisha Singal

“At the heart of everything I’ve done, due to my own personal journey, is as a healer and an educator using my story and others’ stories in that pathway. It helped make people understand how they can take those next steps towards their goals.”

— Manisha Singal

The HERO Show Episode 54 by Richard Matthews featuring Jamie Alcroft - The Splendours of Voice Acting & Comedy and Living Life for Two [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 054 – Jamie Alcroft

“The definition of a hero is doing the right thing at the right time. You want to talk about heroism? If you’re an organ donor, you’re a hero because your legacy will live on. Entrepreneurs want to make the world a better place. Donors want to make the world better too and want to leave that legacy.”

— Jamie Alcroft

The HERO Show Episode 53 by Richard Matthews featuring Jayne Sanders - The Hand Analyst–Helping You Discover Your Innate Purpose [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 053 – Jayne Sanders

“The vast majority of humans struggle with self-love and self-worth to some degree. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. People need to stop beating themselves up and stop being critical of themselves. People should love themselves more and see themselves as I see them; as God sees them so they can achieve what they want to achieve. People have to feel good about themselves and attract what they want.”

— Jayne Sanders

The HERO Show Episode 52 by Richard Matthews featuring Kristi Porter - Copywriting and Marketing for Cause-Focused Organizations [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 052 – Kristi Porter

“Creativity, curiosity, & generosity. Those are the three principles that I live and work by when it comes to Signify. Being just a curious person and always wanting to know how things work and how they’re put together and looking at things holistically, wanting to learn and grow has served me well.”

— Kristi Porter

The HERO Show Episode 51 by Richard Matthews featuring Dillon Hill - Asking the World for Help to Save a Friend [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 051 – Dillon Hill

“One of the things that we communicate is, we’re not always going to be happy. There times when you are really going to be sad. What you need to do is pull yourself to the middle ground–when your sad, you have to acknowledge the ups & when you’re really high, that will not last forever so we must appreciate the happy moments.”

— Dillon Hill

Episode 050 – Andrew Allemann

“I had this problem. I was podcasting and have done about 50 interviews with people I knew from the domain name industry. I realized that I have gone through my roladuct and I was looking for more. I looked out there and realized that there is a market for inexpensive solutions to finding guests for podcasts.”

— Andrew Allemann

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