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Fails 2 Wins

F2W Meets Richard Matthews the HERO Maker

We sat down with Richard Matthews (akathealchemist) host of the HERO show. Husband, father, business coach and owner of…

Building A Heroic Brand Interview With Richard Matthews Founder of FiveFreedoms.io

Join us in this episode in Roman Prokopchuk’s Digital Savage Experience!

I’m super excited to talk about starting a business, traveling the country in an RV, my kids as my motivation, fear as a result of change — and much more — on building a heroic brand.

The HERO Show Episode 123 by Richard Matthews featuring Donnie Boivin - Learn How to Be A Success Champion in Sales, Business, & Life [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 123 – Donnie Boivin

“If you win, it’s your fault. And if you lose, that’s your fault too! When you realize that it’s all on you, amazing things happen. You can shift almost instantly and think about how to fix things about yourself so the bad experience never happens again. That is a brilliance of ownership. Everything is your fault.”

— Donnie Boivin

The HERO Show Episode 122 by Richard Matthews featuring Elliot Connor - Reframing the Human Relationship with the Natural World [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 122 – Elliot Connor

“We, as humans, are doing injustice to the world. We do not respect our place in the natural systems and not understanding how much we are reliant on nature. I think COVID-19 has been a mixed blessing in some way. Despite all the damage it has done to humanity, it has shown us just how connected we are with natural systems. Finally we come to realize just how intimately interconnected we are with the earth and its ecosystems.”

— Elliot Connor

The HERO Show Episode 121 by Richard Matthews featuring Alain Hunkins - How to Become a High-Performing Leader in Your Industry [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 121 – Alain Hunkins

“Empathy, I define it as showing people that you understand them and care how they feel. I think if we’re going to solve any of these problems, whether it’s racial injustice, whether it’s a coronavirus pandemic, whether it’s climate change, it’s going to start by being able to take some perspective and step into other people’s shoes. And it’s going to take some listening and being able to not just listening cognitively, but actually feeling what people feel.”

— Alain Hunkins

The HERO Show Episode 120 by Richard Matthews featuring Jeff Beale - Leverage Your Business Knowledge to Gain Authority Status in Your Industry [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 120 – Jeff Beale

“When you do something for yourself, you allow yourself permission to not get it done. But when you know somebody else is relying on you, then you want to be their hero. When your team is counting on you, now you can say, ‘I have to get it done for my team members who are depending on me,’ versus ‘I’m doing it for myself,’ and end up not getting done because it’s just for me.”

— Jeff Beale

The HERO Show Episode 119 by Richard Matthews featuring Nancy Juetten - Say Bye-Bye Boring Bio, Get Known and Get Paid for Your Brilliance [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 119 – Nancy Juetten

“Because even when life gets hard, or life hits the fan, every one of us can do five things to advance towards our bigger goal every day. And that simple principle has made a huge difference for me going from obscurity to becoming the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Expert who’s world recognized for this expertise. It happened five steps a day, every single day. And then I think another guiding principle for me is to fall down seven, get up eight and keep on swinging.”

— Nancy Juetten

Episode 118 – Brandy Champeau

“So many people think that they don’t have the ability to teach their children. They either think they don’t know enough, don’t have the time, or don’t have the ability. We try to tell them that they’ve been doing it all along. So many people ask me, “How do I teach something I don’t know?” If your child can use the bathroom on their own, can dress themselves, and can feed themselves that means you already know how to teach them because they didn’t just pick those up on their own.”

— Brandy Champeau

Episode 117 – Chris DT Gordon

“We all have things that we can be grateful for. When I was in the hospital, I had a choice to make. I could wallow in my pity and be a downtrodden and depressed about how my life has turned so dramatically or  I can look at all the positive things in my life and be thankful for them. That’s what I chose. I chose the attitude of gratitude. By doing that, I have not only set myself up for future success, I have also  motivated and inspired others to do the same.”

—Chris DT Gordon

Episode 116 – Martine Kalaw

“I live in this place of impossibility and I make things possible. ‘Life is not fair,’ that has never been okay with me. That’s why I do the work around diversity, equity, inclusion in workplaces with managers, and equipping them to be more effective because it’s not okay to accept that life is not fair. If it’s not fair, what can we do to make it more equitable?”

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