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The HERO Show Episode 23 by Richard Matthews featuring Laura Briggs - From Middle School Teacher to Breaking the Six-Figure Mark [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 023 – Laura Briggs

“A lot of them have built businesses where it’s financially successful but with wrong clients. They don’t know how to negotiate contracts & force boundaries with clients that might be encroaching over the edge, & to communicate effectively about what they do to make their marketing as simple as possible. And then, live the business they want to live. I have people who want to work 40 hours a week & some who can only work 10. We design strategies based on where they want to take their business.”

The HERO Show Episode 22 by Richard Matthews featuring Jonny Cooper - Conversation-Based Marketing. More Clients. Zero Paid Ads [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 022 – Jonny Cooper

“…people are coming to me in droves: coaches and therapists specifically. I can help them find more of their ideal clients without paid advertising. So that’s my bag. It’s about organic, conversation-based marketing for high ticket programs for coaches and therapists. Conversation-based marketing is the opposite of spray and pray, as we call it. It’s the opposite of appealing to a wide audience through advertising; that you need to be viral on social media or a massive audience and reach.”

The HERO Show Episode 21 by Richard Matthews featuring Lisha Davidovits - Compassion: Unlocking One's Potential & Opening Limitless Possibilities [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 021 – Lisha Davidovits

“They can feel that there’s that compassion that creates safety. And I think that what compassion as that superpower, what it does is it unlocks things. And as soon as something is unlocked, then it opens up this whole treasure chest of limitless possibilities. So, it’s almost like, compassion is the key to unlocking one’s potential.”

The HERO Show Episode 20 by Richard Matthews featuring Daniel Prince - Rerouting from the Rat Race to Globe-Trotting Entrepreneur & Adventurer [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 020 – Daniel Prince

“The first thing people say when I try to understand what their problems are, “I don’t want to sound salesy.” It comes from what we’ve grown up with–this throwback 80s 90s, business manager of all the films–a boiler room of sales practices and techniques–growing up in the kitchen, your parents get the hundredth call of the week. Someone is trying to sell them something, yelling at the person down the phone. We’ve grown up seeing all the sleazy second-hand car dealer. It’s all deeply ingrained.”

The HERO Show Episode 19 by Richard Matthews featuring Andrea Yager - Skills, Networking, Business Relationships, & Building Your Legacy [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 019 – Andrea Yager

“It’s the idea that competition exists in a way that sets you back. There are many other people who are doing similar work. You have to understand that the way that you’re going to differentiate yourself, is not by saying, I need to create the same thing that they create, but who you serve. If you focus on who you serve, then you do not have to worry about competition, you just have to focus on who you serve. Because then, they’re ready to hear from you.”

The HERO Show Episode 18 by Richard Matthews featuring Tesa Colvin - Publishing Queen, Coach, & Consultant. Helping You GET THAT BOOK DONE! [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 018 – Tesa Colvin

“People usually say ‘I know I should be able to JUST WRITE’, which is true but it doesn’t help them. Regardless of your outlining process, PREWRITING IS NECESSARY. In FICTION, I can sit down and write by the seat of my pants but for the most part, the outline cuts down a lot of the mental chatter. I would take away that term/phrase/advice, ‘Just sit down and write.’ I would take that away, destroy it; never to be seen again. I would replace that with LET’S HAVE A CONVERSATION.”

The HERO Show Episode 17 by Richard Matthews featuring Juraj Breezy - The Rise of "Now Or Never VDO": Fearless, Heading Upward, Chasing Dreams [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 017 – Juraj Breezy

“I’m building for legacy. I want to leave something behind and I’m building for my parents to be proud because I never went to any cinematographic school. I never finished school I dropped when I was 19 because I knew it was not for me. I was just wasting time but I’m doing it because I like entrepreneurship. I like being an entrepreneur because I like the process; not just the success and the money. I love the process, the hustle, the change, the state, & the staying awake late night and work.”

The HERO Show Episode 16 by Richard Matthews featuring Dustin Lien - Live Unleashed! Building Better Business and Healthy Mindset [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 016 – Dustin Lien

“I feel like people–a lot of times–are looking for a savior when they hire a business coach. They’re looking for all their problems to be solved. That’s not really how it works. It’s more like, you’re getting another perspective from someone who has been where you’re trying to get to or they’ve been where you are now. Being able to get that just a little nugget of perspective sometimes is all it takes.”

The HERO Show Episode 15 by Richard Matthews featuring Rohan Gilkes - Level Up Your Business to Cater to the New Generation [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 015 – Rohan Gilkes

“…thing that makes me most passionate-is the business that we’ve been talking about where my goal is to bring the same level of automation that high-tech companies have for their businesses. It’s normal for Uber to “feel like Uber”. You pull your phone, the car shows up, you jump in and you don’t even think about payments. I want to bring that same level of automation and technology that high-tech startups have to regular local people in Boise, Idaho that are starting a three-person company.”

The HERO Show Episode 14 by Richard Matthews featuring Richard Jaffe and Charly Jaffe - Maintaining the Right Attitude & Emotional Stability Under Crisis [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 014 – Richard Jaffe and Charly Jaffe

“…it’s hiring smart people who learn fast. I think it’s a passion for satisfying customers. Everyone has different skill sets, mine is sales and closing big deals. That’s because I’ve learned to listen to customers–to love customers. I just love satisfying customers. I think everything starts in the entrepreneurship. It’s always about selling. It’s all about you. I always tell our salespeople, “Find out what the customer wants. Give them what they want and they’ll give you all their money.”

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