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The HERO Show Episode 14 by Richard Matthews featuring Richard Jaffe and Charly Jaffe - Maintaining the Right Attitude & Emotional Stability Under Crisis [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 014 – Richard Jaffe and Charly Jaffe

“…it’s hiring smart people who learn fast. I think it’s a passion for satisfying customers. Everyone has different skill sets, mine is sales and closing big deals. That’s because I’ve learned to listen to customers–to love customers. I just love satisfying customers. I think everything starts in the entrepreneurship. It’s always about selling. It’s all about you. I always tell our salespeople, “Find out what the customer wants. Give them what they want and they’ll give you all their money.”

— Richard Jaffe

The HERO Show Episode 13 by Richard Matthews featuring Elise Rorick - The Enchantment Artist on Discovering Her Business Identity [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 013 – Elise Rorick

“…the value of seeing that artwork in most stories is that they teach us. I think it’s a G.K. Chesterton quote. something along the lines of… ‘fairy tales don’t teach us that dragons exist; fairy tales teach us that dragons can be beaten.’ I’ve always loved that ever since I read it. Like, that’s my mission. My mission is to use my artwork, my stories, my voice, to help other people to tell their stories.”

— Elise Rorick

The HERO Show Episode 12 by Richard Matthews featuring Nathan Hirsch - The Remote Hiring Guy’s Perfect Trifecta: Skill, Attitude, and Communication [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 012 – Nathan Hirsch

“I learned a long time ago that if you just hire people for skill, a lot of times it doesn’t work out. You hire someone with that five-star review on some platform or they’ve 10 years of experience and then two months later, blows up in your face. You’re like, ‘How did that happen? That person was so talented.’…we don’t need someone to be ‘10-out-of-10’. They can be ‘8-out-of-1’0 or ‘3-out-of-10’ as long as they’re honest about what they can and cannot do, and they’re priced accordingly.”

— Nathan Hirsch

The HERO Show Episode 11 by Richard Matthews featuring Ravi Toor - Champion of Truth–Uplifting Humanity One Individual at a Time [Cover Art 1280 pixels by 720 pixels PNG]

Episode 011 – Ravi Toor

“…my mission is Truth. A big piece of it is Truth. But a lot of it is freedom and connectivity. I think that we as a collective can do a way better job at representing what we are as a species, what we can do, and creating a space where everything–and I mean every fucking thing from a tree to a bird to a human to the waters–are all respected. And we all live in eco-harmony.”

— Ravi Toor

The HERO Show Episode 10 by Richard Matthews featuring Nic Lucas - Learning How to Learn with Neuroscientist Dr. Nic Lucas [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 010 – Nic Lucas

“I was doing a master’s degree with no money–we would have to go and look in the clothes basket sometimes to see if a $1 coin would drop out so we could go have a coffee. We were totally skinned as I say. To read books, we would go to the local bookstore and it was a Borders. They had chairs and we would read books in the bookstore because we couldn’t buy them. I read, which a lot of people have read, which is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. So that book literally blew my mind wide open.”

— Nic Lucas

The HERO Show Episode 9 by Richard Matthews featuring Marta Spirk - Success Coach, Motivator, and Mompreneur of Triplets from Brazil [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 009 – Marta Spirk

“My passion is just helping moms see that they’re not alone in their journey; to build a sense of community by sharing my story and what I’m going through and having other women–other moms and Mompreneurs–share their story to create a sense of, “You’re not alone.” and create encouragement, especially around what you’re doing as moms.”

— Marta Spirk

The HERO Show Episode 8 by Richard Matthews featuring Liana Ling - The Ultimate Business Partner and Trusted Advisor [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 008 – Liana Ling

“I think we need to tell others around us more about what their superpowers are because it’s hard for us to admit what they are ourselves. I’m glad you have this podcast because I think it’s going to remind me to tell others around me what I think their superpowers are so that we can encourage them to use them to solve problems, because they may not realize that’s what it is.”

— Liana Ling

The HERO Show Episode 7 by Richard Matthews featuring Beckett Hanan - How Your Business Psychology Is Affected By Your Personality Type [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 007 – Beckett Hanan

“We realize how easy it is for people to think like, “Oh, I want to be this kind of person.” and it’s not actually who you are. Once you get on this path of understanding who you are at the core of what you really want, you get this whole growth pattern that you’re able to see. And like, “Oh, I’m at this stage, and here’s what the next stage looks like.” And it just made me feel like I actually make sense and I don’t have to try and be like other females to be healthy and awesome.”

— Beckett Hanan

The HERO Show Episode 6 by Richard Matthews featuring Richelle Shaw - The Unstoppable Woman Who Defined Her Success and Built a Multi-Million Dollar Company [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 006 – Richelle Shaw

“There are only 3 ways to grow. That’s it. 3 ways. First one, get new customers. The second one, get your existing customers to come back and spend more money. And then the third, get your existing customers to spend more while they’re with you with every transaction. That’s it. There’s nothing else.”

— Richelle Shaw

The HERO Show Episode 5 by Richard Matthews featuring Debi Silber - The High Achiever’s Guide to Winning In Business & Life With a Wholistic Mindset [Cover Art 805 pixels by 500 pixels PNG]

Episode 005 – Debi Silber

“We focus, and we focus hard. It is, unfortunately, most often at the detriment of other [aspects in life]…Now, there is no way I could keep up with the demands of my business -of my life- if I wasn’t taking this more wholistic approach to life.”

— Debi Silber

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