Episode 003

Welcome to another episode of The HERO Show. I am your host Richard Matthews, (@AKATheAlchemist) and you are listening to episode #3 with Ben Adkins – How To Go From Chiropractor To 7-Figures Online.

Ben Adkins is a online marketing mastermind. He’s the founder of FearlessSocial.com a company dedicated to teaching aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to go out an build big profitable businesses by serving their market online.

He is also a training Chiropractor, public speaker, and just all around good guy. He also runs a mastermind called: The Syndicate that you should check out on Facebook.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

  • How he learned internet marketing as a mattress salesman
  • How he took his mattress store skills to build massive chiropractic practice
  • How he leveraged that into a massive consulting practice for small businesses
  • Four Focuses (Product, Marketing & Copywriting, Traffic, & Scaling)
  • Business models and the lifestyles they lead to
  • The power of deadlines with Google Calendar
  • How you can hit your goals by building backward.
  • Why you have to have a big reason to keep your self accountable
  • How to amplify your mission
  • How the customer experience after they buy is the secret to massive growth.

Recommended tools: 
All of Ben’s tools related to saving him time.

  • Put your Deadlines on a calendar – Ben Recommends Google Calendar
  • Get a jump start on your copywriting – Ben uses ScriptDoll,
  • Never hand code you pages and sales funnels again – Ben’s team builds everything in ClickFunnels

The HERO Challenge – Ben has Challenged Donald Wilson to come on the show and share his secrets to influence and success.

Free Resources for show listeners: 
The 7-Figure Social Sales Funnel Formula – http://www.TheHEROShow.com/webinar
How & Why You Should Invest in Gold – http://www.TheHEROShow.com/gold

With that let’s get to our Interview with with today’s HERO Ben Adkins so you can learn his 4 core tenets of building a big profitable lasting business and start tapping into a whole new world of success and influence.

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