Episode 002

Ash Ambirge is a creative writer and marketing differentiation mastermind. She is the founder of TheMiddleFingerProject.org one of the best blogs on the internet about writing for people who have things to sell and need people to care about it.

She is also a glob-trotter, public speaker, & writing educator… not to mention an incredibly fun person to talk to.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

  • The HEROpreneur concept
  • Glob-trotting and running her business from her macbook. Getting the right words for small business owners. A life she designed.
  • Infusing personality into businesses writing.
  • The power of the internet to build a brand – she became an expert at cutting through the sea of sameness over at The Middle Finger Project.
  • How she started her writing career as a 5 year old little girl who didn’t even know her alphabet yet.
  • How story-telling is an essential part of building influence

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