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The HERO Show Episode 138 by Richard Matthews featuring Benjamin Vezina - How to Double Your Business Leads & Sales in Less than 45 minutes [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 138 – Benjamin Vezina

“What drives me to continue what I do is I don’t want the mom and pop small business owner. I want them to have access to the strategies that will help them be successful in the plans, the roadmaps, and things that they may not know exists. I want to see small businesses individually succeed, this is something that keeps me going.”

— Benjamin Vezina

The HERO Show Episode 137 by Richard Matthews featuring Jason Yormark - Driving Real Direction, Execution, & Results with Your Social Media [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 137 – Jason Yormark

“I seek incredible people—stay at home moms or single moms who want a career, be around their kids, or want to be a part of their lives more significantly. The ability to give people that freedom is the most empowering and exciting thing. Do we want to build a world-class social media agency to honor? Yes, those are a given. But ultimately, finding great people and giving them a life of freedom is what makes me wake up every day.”

— Jason Yormark

The HERO Show Episode 136 by Richard Matthews featuring Sheila Sapp - Encouraging People from All Walks of Life to Reach Their Full Potential [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 136 – Sheila Sapp

“I believe that self-esteem, self-competence, resilience, and perseverance, are tools that help parents equip their children starting from birth on. When you think about it if you don’t feel good about yourself if you don’t have strong self-competence or be able to problem solve, and be resilient. Life will always have some setbacks. So you need to know how to bounce back. You need to learn how to problem-solve and of course, you need to persevere.”

— Sheila Sapp

The HERO Show Episode 135 by Richard Matthews featuring David Hanscom - Providing Customized Entertainment that Reflects Your Style & Taste [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 135 – David Hanscom

“I fight for people to be able to take four or five hours of their life and forget about everything else. Just be in the presence of the moment, be in the presence of an opportunity to let loose, let your hair down, have some fun, enjoy yourself, and whatever issues that are going on in life, we know they’re still going to be there afterward. But at the moment, take the time and opportunity to celebrate something with family or co-workers. Forget everything else, and enjoy the moment.”

— David Hanscom

How To Become A Content Making Machine

Richard Matthews is the owner of the Push Button Podcasts and The Hero Show. Over the last 10 years…

The HERO Show Episode 134 by Richard Matthews featuring Lindsey Wander - Empowering Students of All Abilities to Succeed in School, Work, & Life [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 134 – Lindsey Wander

“We work on a kid’s confidence, metacognition, and executive functions even though parents aren’t asking for it because that is what kids need. We must change our perception of intelligence and success. It’s not just straight-A kids who will be successful. Your education is what you make of it. I’ve gotten every job I’ve applied for because of my experiences and what I bring to the table. People want to put nice things on their resume but there’s much more to that in the real world.”

— Lindsey Wander

The HERO Show Episode 133 by Richard Matthews featuring Steve Sims - Break Down Your Business Obstacles & Make the Impossible Possible [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 133 – Steve Sims

“Many people say, ‘Go for the impossible,’ but why would you go for the impossible? It’s like saying drive through a brick wall or go for what can’t be achievable. By calling something impossible, you’ve created a barrier in front of your mind. You’ve established and identified that it is impossible. So just by saying, ‘Go for it.’ It’s like saying, go for that full stop, go for the end that you can’t go any further. I always say go for stupid. What’s the most ridiculous thing that you can possibly imagine and dream? Go for that.”

— Steve Sims

The HERO Show Episode 132 by Richard Matthews featuring Christian Lovrecich - Maximizing eCommerce ROI Results Through Tailored Marketing Strategies [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 132 – Christian Lovrecich

“I have a good mixture of being an extrovert and a solid background in sales. That’s what makes me a deadly weapon. Because when you combine both, it brings you great results especially if you concentrate.”

— Christian Lovrecich

The HERO Show Episode 131 by Richard Matthews featuring Tim Fitzpatrick - How to Focus on Marketing Fundamentals to Secure Long-Term Success [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 131 – Tim Fitzpatrick

“Discipline is something you need so you may achieve goals that are worth having. My discipline allows me to push the roadblocks & remain focused amid the noise. There is so much noise out there at this point. My discipline keeps me motivated when most people are at the point of giving up.”

— Tim Fitzpatrick

The Digital ALCHEMY Formula with Richard Matthews

The Digital ALCHEMY Formula with Richard Matthews

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