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Episode 219 – Pierre Alexandre

On The Hero Show, witness the financial modeling masterclass with Richard Matthews and superhero Pierre Alexandre. Pierre’s superpowers lie in his ability to quickly understand businesses and value drivers, thanks to his eight years of experience in transaction services and mergers and acquisitions, with three years dedicated to the world of SaaS. He is renowned for his Excel skills, which give him a secret advantage when it comes to financial modeling. Not only that, but Pierre is also an expert in managing conflict and can offer valuable advice on stepping back to see the source of frustration. Tune in now to learn from this financial modeling superhero and gain the skills you need to succeed!

Episode 218 – Steve Kidd

Hold on tight, because you’re about to embark on an exhilarating ride on this episode of The Hero Show! Join us as we delve deep into the awe-inspiring secrets behind Steve Kidd’s superpowers in transforming ordinary people into best-selling storytellers. Get ready for an intriguing and eye-opening conversation that you won’t want to miss!

Introducing Steve Kidd, the fiery third-generation minister-turned-chart-topping author, entrepreneur, and supernatural mentor with a heart that radiates pure gold. Steve is no ordinary human – he possesses the extraordinary vision of a superhero, propelling thousands to share their unique stories and profoundly impacting millions of lives. Steve’s life’s quest is to illuminate the amazing lives of exceptional people and turn them into top-notch authors. He is the unrivaled champion of elevating awe-inspiring souls, a true hero in his own right. With his superpowers, Steve has helped countless individuals realize their true potential and share their voices with the world.

The HERO Show Episode 217 by Richard Matthews featuring Aaron Rubin - Helping People Maximize Wealth Opportunities [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 217 – Aaron Rubin

What we’re really trying to fight for is for an individual to keep more of their own wealth so that they can make the world a better place however they see fit.

— Aaron Rubin

Episode 216 – Chris Pistorius

“My superpower is the ability to connect consumers with dentists. I have a really good knack for understanding who the client specifically wants to market to. We have a good track record of coming up with profiles and then putting our client’s messages in front of those demographics. That makes a productive, efficient, and profitable happy type of marketing.”

— Chris Pistorius

The HERO Show Episode 215 by Richard Matthews featuring Tom Kulzer - Connecting People Around the World in Remarkable Ways [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 215 – Tom Kulzer

“My superpower is I’m exceedingly detail-oriented. I leave very little room to open interpretation when I talk about things, but I see the connections and interactions between disparate systems ,and I’m able to tie those pieces together in ways that a lot of people can’t. I like to say I’m not good at any one thing, but I’m pretty good at a whole lot of different things.”

—Tom Kulzer

The HERO Show Episode 214 by Richard Matthews featuring Sean Campbell - Delivering Market Data, Clarity & Truth [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 214 – Sean Campbell

“The way I think of our clients is, they’re going to struggle when we give them the truth or we deliver that bad news, but if they’re good people, which most of them are, they would want to see change.”

— Sean Campbell

The HERO Show Episode 213 by Richard Matthews featuring Sid Garza-Hillman - Achieving Long-Lasting Improvements to Your Health & Happiness [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 213 – Sid Garza-Hillman

“I’m fighting to help people to achieve real substantial health and happiness, not a magazine, quick fix stuff. That’s my goal and when I say true health and happiness, it involves being strong in our minds and bodies.”

— Sid Garza-Hillman

The HERO Show Episode 212 by Richard Matthews featuring Amy Anderson - Creating a Value-Based Growth for Businesses [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 212 – Amy Anderson

“When you build it, they do not just come. We started this business a long time ago and it’s still happening. They won’t just come. You can’t build a large eCommerce site and invest $500,000 in products and think it’s going to sell because you’re there. There’s so much out there you have to break through and it has to be budget + creative + product.”

— Amy Anderson

The HERO Show Episode 211 by Richard Matthews featuring Alejandro Szita - Achieving Financial Objective Through Mortgage [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 211 – Alejandro Szita

“My strength is when people call me, I never ask them about their credit score. I don’t ask them questions related to numbers. I ask them about what they want because when I start asking about the formulas, I’m never gonna get anywhere. And probably that person is never going to qualify. So my ability is to extrapolate myself from all of the intricacies, not look at all of the specifics just to have the macro view.”

—Alejandro Szita

The HERO Show Episode 210 by Richard Matthews featuring Kurt Uhlir - Helping Companies Go Through The Hyper-Growth Phase [Cover Art 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels PNG]

Episode 210 – Kurt Uhlir

“For the most part, my superpower has been finding and cultivating ideas from people you are least likely to expect. We started 25 internal companies within that company, and about half of those ideas did not come from our product teams or our innovation team. They came from somebody like our front desk office manager that had an idea and just cultivate and pull that idea cause they have a different approach to looking at things.”

—Kurt Uhlir

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