Changing The Narritive

We Tell The Stories of CEOs & Founders As If They Were Comic Book Super Heros

Hi, I'm Richard Matthews, Host of the HERO Show. Join us as we work to shift the silly cultural narrative that entrepreneurs are villains, and are instead HEROpreneurs working to better our world.

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Show Questions

  • Introduction: I will read a short bio for our listeners so they know who you are. You already provided this on the booking form.
  • What Are You Known For? - This question sets up who you are now. What your business is like now. Who you serve. And what you do for them.
  • Your Origin Story - Every good comic book HERO has an origin story. The thing that made them into the HERO they are today. We want to hear that story. Were you born a HERO? Bit by a radioactive spider that made you want to a business? Did you start in a Job and eventually move to become a entrepreneur. We wanna know where you came from.
  • Your Super Powers - Every iconic HERO has a superpower. Whether that's a fancy flying suit made by a genius intellect, the ability to call down thunder from the sky, or super strength. In the real world, HEROs have what I call a "zone of genius". A skill or set of skills that you were born with or have developed over time that energize all of your other skills. This "super power" is what sets you apart and allows you to help your people slay their villains and come out on top in their own journeys. You have a super power... we want to know what it is.
  • Your Fatal Flaw - Listen... every Superman has his kryptonite and Wonder Woman can't remove her Bracelets of Victory without going mad. You probably have a flaw that has held you back in your business. Something you have struggled with. Maybe it's perfectionism that keeps you from shipping or lack of self care that mean you let clients walk all over you or maybe it's something like being a visionary but lacking the disciple to implement. But more important than the flaw is its rectification. How how you worked to overcome that flaw so you can continue to grow. Sharing this will help our listeners learn from your experience.
  • Your Common Enemy - Every super hero has an "arch nemesis". A thing they constantly have to fight against in their world. In the world of business this takes on many forms... but generally speaking we put it in the context of your clients... what is a mindset or a flaw that you are constantly having to fight to overcome so that you can get your people better, cheaper, faster and/or a higher degree of results.
  • Your Driving Force - The flip side of your common enemy is your driving force. Just like spiderman fights to save New York. Or Batman fights to save Gotham. Or Google fights to index and categorize all the world’s information. We want to know what it is that you fight FOR... You have a mission, we wanna know what it is.
  • You Hero’s Tool Belt - This is the practical portion of our show. And just like every super hero has a tool belt with awesome gadgets like bat-a-rangs, web-slingers, laser-eyers, or a big magical hammer like. We want to talk about 1 or 2 tools you couldn't live without in your business. Could be anything from your notepad, your calendar, your marketing tools, your produce delivery... anything you think is essential to getting the job done.
  • Your Own Personal HEROs - Every hero has their mentors. Frodo had Gandalf. Luke had Obi-Wan. Robert Kiyosaki had his Rich Dad. Spiderman had his uncle Ben. Who were your HEROs? Where they real life mentors? Were they speakers or authors?  Were they peers who were just a few years ahead of you? How important were they to what you have accomplished so far.
  • Your Guiding Principles - One of the things that makes HEROs Heroic is that they live by a code. For instance, Batman never kills his enemies, he brings them to Arkham Asylum. So as we wrap up the interview, let's talk about the top one or two principles that you use regularly in your life. Maybe a principle you wish you knew when you first started out on your HERO’s journey.
  • The HERO Challenge - That's a wrap on our interview... but I finish every interview with a simple challenge called "The HERO Challenge". We do this to help us get access to new stories that we might never find on our own. So question is simple: Do you have someone in your network that you think has a cool entrepreneurial story. Who are they  (first names are fine)? And why should they come share their story on our show?
  • Send Off - In comic books, there is always the crowd who say their act of heroism and claps or cheers or thanks them for their work. So as we close... we want to know where people can find you if they want your help in the future. Where can they light up the "Bat Signal" so to speak? More importantly... we want to know who the best people are to reach out and ask for your help or buy your products.

That's It! I promise the interview will be fun and engaging. Every guest I've had on has mentioned the interview is unique and fun. I really look forward to having you on the show!.

-- Richard Matthews