My name is Richard Matthews and I want to help you earn the kind of freedom others only dream about by building a HEROic brand.

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June 2024

I’ve been helping my clients build HEROic brands since 2012. I have helped many clients add 6-Figures+/year to their businesses using the techniques I developed over that time.

I have regularly generated profitable webinars (and the long-term automations and liquidation funnels that support them) in many different markets.

Here’s just a sample of some fun results I’ve had:

  • I helped one client sell  $24K less than 24 Hours after he had an idea for a course. We used a webinar... and over $200K over the course of a year.
  • Helped another client sell over $100K on his FIRST webinar. That webinar went on to produce over $250K in just 6 weeks (only done live webinars twice) That’s 1/4 of a million in sales over 48 hours of live webinar promotions.
  • Helped another client do $40K on his first webinar.
  • Helped another client have his first high-ticket $25K dollar sale from a webinar funnel... he’s gone on to sell nearly $1 Million of his coaching this year.
  • I helped another client build a liquidation funnel that produced nearly 120% of ad spend within 48 hours of lead capture. That means we were generating leads for a PROFIT! Put $1 in ads, get $1.20 back. This was before his big main offer and before the 6 month automatic marketing machine we built on the back end.   

The HEROic Brand methodology creates results like these and my proprietary “Digital A.L.C.H.E.M.Y. Formula“ maps out the path To building a HEROic Brand step-by-step.

It’s the result of 10+ years of testing, tweaking, and trying things out in real markets, with real experts, and real paying customers. And more than 20+ years and $100K of training in marketing, persuasive psychology, instructional design, speaking, sales, and business.

My goal is to help each of my clients add 6+ figures to their bottom line with online sales of their courses and/or coaching while adding less than 4 hours on management per week.

If you have a demonstrable expertise in a market where others want to learn the skills you have and get the results you provide... then I can help you too.

So... Why do I do what I do?

I’m a little obsessed with the ripple effect. I love working with clients whose work has a positive impact on others. I feel like it’s the ultimate leverage to putting good into the world.

Starting Out

My obsession with business, sales, and marketing all started when I was 9 years old. The day my dad came home from work and handed me a shiny new copy of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

I read the whole book that night. I was hooked.

Over the next 9 years I became the weird kid at school. The one who convinced his parents to let him go to Barnes & Noble instead of after-school care so I could read the books I couldn’t afford to buy.

The kid who started his first business at 13. Convincing my dad to loan me $50 to buy the good candy wholesale at the big box store and selling it to my peers at school for ridiculous markups.

I made it to about $1,000 in revenue and 6 weeks before I experienced my first government shutdown. Apparently, you have to have a business license to buy & sell things on campus. Who knew?

I paid my way through college as a professional photographer. My first legitimate business.

I also got my first taste of Network Marketing in college (they wouldn’t let me start as a 15 years old when I tried the first time). I learned a ton about sales, leadership, marketing, story telling, and human nature.

By the end of my college career I knew I didn’t like photography as a profession (it makes a much better hobby for me). I also knew I didn’t really like network marketing even though I’d grown a team to nearly $20K in sales for the year (too much dependence on other people to perform).

But there was one thing I did really like... words.

Specifically teaching, marketing, and sales. The ability to string words together and get other people to CHANGE their actions fascinated me.

It’s like magic. Like alchemy of old... only it’s words you turn into gold.

So, on August 27, 2007 my best friend and I decided we were gonna make a go at this whole “marketing” business. We dropped out of school and started our consultancy. I still had a job though.


First Successes

Those first couple of years were tough. I got married in ‘08. Now I had a wife to provide for. So I kept the job while trying to grow my business.

I got my first several clients and started building websites, generating leads, and applying basic copywriting and design.

I was doing good things, but at a very small scale for my clients. Improving lead flow, increasing sales, growing profits. I loved it. It’s meaningful work to help others grow their business and get what they want out of life. I knew I was gonna do this forever. I even got rid of the job sometime in ‘09.

But everything I did was small potatoes, because I didn’t have the guts to do big things. I didn’t have to guts to ask for the budgets or charge the fees that would allow me to do great things.

But I was feeding my little growing family. Barely.

It was pretty good for a few years

Nothing fancy, but we paid the bills... and learned a ton.

By 2012, my business partner and I had decided that we weren’t going to get any further with our business if we stayed in the small town we were in... so we packed up our respective families and moved 1/2 way across the country to California and tried again.

Only it wasn’t our location that caused our problems. It was our pricing strategy. It didn’t allow us to grow or really wow our clients.
So we continued to flounder.

By the end of December, we were done. We decided to close up shop.
It was tough giving up my business so I could go back to a job, but I knew I needed a few things.

One was a regular paycheck so we could breathe.

The second was confidence in my skills. So I wasn’t just gonna get any job. I wanted a C-Level marketing position and control over a huge marketing budget so I could really put all the skills I’d been acquiring to the test.

So, I applied everything I knew about marketing to getting a job and on February 4, 2013 I took a Director of Marketing position for multi-million dollar company.

Less than 4 weeks. I beat 250+ other applicants. They wanted to hire at 60K/year. I got them to give me $100K with performance bonuses. I negotiated work from home so I could keep my commitment to my family to have lunch with my kids as often as possible. And I got them to pay me for the 4 weeks previous as a starting bonus because of the work I’d put into getting the job... but that’s a whole other story.

Then over the course of the next 15 months I helped this company manage a $25K/month marketing budget, restructure an 8,000 page SEO website campaign, and increase their lead flow over 10 times. The leads we produced created more than 25 million in sales over that time.

I had gotten what I came for... proof for myself that I could actually do what I thought I could. Proof that I had skills that were actually worth charging for.

The new direction

That’s when I decided I was ready to get back into my consulting game and go back to working for myself.

I gave them 3-months notice. I wanted to help them hire and train my replacement. So I gave up the security of a 6-figure/year job to go back to uncertainty that comes with freedom.

My first client was a Real Estate educator. I helped him take his course from $1,000/month to over $250K in the next year.

My next client was an E-Com client who I helped go from $4K/month is sales to $40K/month in sales on Amazon. I charged them $500 to do that (I still hadn’t learned my lesson on pricing, lol).

One of my next clients was another educator who needed help with a webinar. I helped him write and deliver his webinar and we did over $100K in sales in 48 hours. I charged him $500 to do that (you think I’d have gotten a clue... I didn’t).

Every client I took taught me new things. I wrote and delivered more webinars. I wrote, re-wrote, and designed more courses... striving to create courses that got students massive results. I developed templates. I tested everything.

I invented new ways to solve problems with tracking sales through complex sales funnels.

I created methods for getting training courses, webinars, and sales funnels done quickly.

I learned how to help my clients build audiences, masterminds, automations, and more.

I learned how to help them build massive businesses that took very little time to manage and gave them financial, time, and location freedom.

Eventually, I even hired a business coach to kick my ass and tell me to start charging what I was worth... that’s when it really started getting fun because I could really crush it for my clients.

The first client to whom I charged $25K... did nearly a million in sales the first year with me.

No more small potatoes.

Today I travel the country full time in an RV with my family (We’ve been going since May 2017). I work with clients all over the county. I have a small team that works with me &
I live the life my clients want to live.

I have pretty much complete time freedom. I have total location freedom. I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m doing alright financially... we eat pretty well now.

Are You Ready To Build A HEROic Brand?


Now, I am the one of the best HEROic Brand builders in the country.

I have more people waiting for me to have availability, than I have time to help. I’m expanding my team to help with this.

My clients regularly see 10x+ more growth than their investments with me.

But I haven’t forgotten where I've come from. I haven’t forgotten the struggles that come with being new to this game.

Because of that, I want to help you grow your online coaching and training business too.

I want to help you create profits and revenue that isn’t tied to your time output so you can experience the freedom to do things other than “make money” with your time.

I want to help you build a business that you can build and run from anywhere so you can live and work anywhere you want.

I want to help you build the kind of legacy you can be proud of. The kind of business you’re excited to talk about around the dinner table at the holidays because of the impact you are making.

If you want this kind of business, then you should click here and hop on the phone with me.

To Your Success,

Richard Matthews