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Want To 5X Your Expert Brand Value?

Join The "Build A Heroic Brand" Website Challenge!

You bring the pictures; we'll help you pick the colors & fonts, and write the copy. Walk away with a heroic brand website that will help you attract the right clients and increase your sales.

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Challege, WordPress Install & Templates Are Free,
$30 Hosting Account Required To Participate - Details Below

I've build literally 100's of heroic brand websites that have served as the foundation for funnels producing $10K/month+ in revenues.

-Richard Mattehws
(Your Challenge Host)

What Is The "Build A Heroic Brand" Website Challenge Anyways?

1. Your Brand Website Done

30 Days to go from no brand website (or a crappy one) to a brand website that makes you look and sound like a rockstar in your industry. Plus all the copywriting and funnels to prove it.

2. Training program

Training modules on every important aspect of your website. We will be teaching design, copy, calls-to-action, photography, story-telling and more. You just watch, learn, then implement.

3. Funnels & Templates

Build all the important funnels for your expert brand business. Webinar funnels, Book Funnels, Opt-in Funnels, OTO Funnels, Discovery or Strategy Session Funnels... you name it... you'll have it... ready to fill in the blanks.

4. Performance Hosting

Our businesses run on spiky traffic... you need a high performance web host to deal with the traffic. You also need your web host to get out of your way. You shouldn't have to think about page performance, SSL, CDNs, SFTP, or any of that other technical garble-gook. With WPEngine, you don't have to.

5. Copywriting Templates

Copywriting can be hard... the hardest thing to figure out on your website... the actual words. Good news... I've already thought through all of this and have built literal fill-in-the-blank copywriting templates for every part of your site and each of the important funnels you need. You're copywriting... done.

6. Complete Wordrpess Install

We install our base WordPress install directly on your new WPEngine servers. The same one we use to start every $10K development project we take. All the plugins, all the pages, all the funnels, all the tools... everything we use to build 6-figure producing brand websites and funnels... ready to go.

What's Included?*

Full ready-to-go WordPress install included. All the plugins & tools you need. None of the ones you don't.

Theme written specifically for Expert Brands with all the copywriting, calls-to-action, blog temples, + other important pages you need

Expert funnels included: Opt-in, Application/Strategy Session, Book, & Webinar Funnels

Home, About, Product, Contact, Speaking, & Book Pages Copywriting  & Design Templates Included

Online Accountability Group Included

Instructional Videos Included (Every Other Day)


What Type Of Sites Can You Build With The PreBuilt
Templates Included In The WordPress Install?

Any Type Of Expert Brand Webpage In Any Industry


Every Page of Complete Funnels


Complete Blog Content Templates & Strategies

Blog Templates

What's The Cost?

Let's Call It A Free + Hosting Offer

The cost… if you truly understand the value of everything you will be getting in this challenge... plus the practically finished fill-in-the-blank WordPress install… then you know it’d be crazy for me to charge anything less than $5-10K for this. Like actually crazy for me to charge anything less… like “I can’t actually believe I’m about to do this” kind of crazy… but here it goes… 

I’m not charging $10K or $5K for all of the years and years of work and training that has gone into what you're getting here. 

The cost for this complete WordPress install with all the templates and all the design pieces, plus my 6-Figure producing copy writing templates.... and everything else you need… already done… and ready for you to just come in and start filling in the blanks… plus every step of the training for the challenge… 

$30 bucks.

That’s it.

Insane right?


It all has to do with where your brand new website will be hosted. You see you need to have a web host to have a website. Everyone know that. You are probably already paying for a web host right now if you have a website.

It costs you every month for the privilege of having a space on the great world wide web.

For you it’s a sunk cost. You’re already paying (or will be if you want a brand website).

The problem is most web hosts suck. They are insecure. Slow. Can’t handle traffic spikes that come with our type of business. They make things like SSL, domain handling hard, CDNs, page performance, or security unnecessarily difficult .

All of them except 1.


They are amazing. Custom build back end that’s super easy to use. None of the complexity of hard to use tools like CPanel. Easy automatic daily backups. Hardened security. Guaranteed hack-proof. 24/7 live chat support. Speed perforce checks. Free SSL security for google search and accepting payments. Basically all the things you normally have to learn or worry about with other hosts. Taken care of.

But the best part… they let me copy and transfer complete wordrpress installs from my account to yours. Meaning I can take my entire complete site… design, copy templates, funnel, and all… and simply transfer a working copy into your account… with the click of one button.

Plus… they pay an affiliate commission many times in excess of their monthly cost which is how I can afford to offer this challenge basically for FREE.

Their monthly cost… is the $30 dollars we talked about earlier.

Which means that I’m literally charging nothing for this. You sign up for WPEngine hosting… a service you need anyway… and the best in the business….and you’ll get everything we just talked about.

Plus, they will allow me transfer the template site to you and set it up so we can do the classes for the challenge together… Pretty amazing.

How The Challenge Will Work?

Think of this like a Free + Shipping offer you've seen for books in the past... except instead of shipping... it's Free + Hosting. Because you need a specific type of hosting account to participate in the challenge.

1. Opt-In On This Page

The first step is to opt-in on the page by putting your name and email address in the form on the page. Every single person who opts-in will get a 20% off coupon for WPEngine Hosting. The affiliate relationship I have with WPEngine is what allows me to offer the training, the copy templates, the design templates, and my proprietary WordPress install for free.

2. Sign Up For Hosting

On the next page you will have an instructional video that walks you through how to setup your WPEngine hosting account. This will let me create and transfer your very own fully functional WordPress Install with all of the tools, plugins, copy writing, and design templates you will need for the challenge so you can build an amazing brand website.

3. Refer-A-Friend

We are running a refer a friend contest for the challenge. Who ever referrs the most people to the challenge will win. We will use the winner as the instructional website during the training. This means we will build your website for you. Write your copy for you. Build your funnels for you. And even hire and pay for your brand photograher. ($10,000 Value)

4. The Challenge Itself

This will be done over 30 days. You'll get training videos every other day. With instructions and ideas so you can start working on each part of your website. Post your progress, your questions, and and your challenges in the Facebook group. By the time the challenge is done... you'll have a powerful brand website to help you grow sales.





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