Richard Matthews

Gold Buying Expert

Below is a collection of documents that have helped my clients to learn the ins & outs of acquiring gold as means of asset protection preservation of purchasing power.

From The Desk of Richard Matthews

July 2015


My Name is Richard Matthews and I am a Business Growth Coach. As a teacher of entrepreneurship and business, I am 100% focused on helping people really get a handle both on their business growth, but also on building and protecting their assets and their wealth.

Because of this, I've become an avid student of economics and monetary systems and now make sure to teach all of my students or clients about the power of currency grade gold as an asset protection vehicle.

So... Why do I do teach this stuff?

Well, I've been a student of business and entrepreneurship since I was 9 years old. I started my first business when I was 14 years old in High School. I was buying candy wholesale at the local big box and selling it for a killer profit to my friends at school. It was great until the campus police stopped me (I was stealing customers from the school :). 

Anyhow, I've basically worked my ass off for more than two decades to build businesses and provide my unique value to others and to the world. At times I've been compensated very well for this, others not so much. 

In 2005 I read Mike Maloney's book on buying gold and silver and learned about the powerful asset protection that gold offers, but I didn't do anything with it... because I thought gold was "too expensive". I didn't understand the idea of exchanging paper currency that loses value for real gold money, which holds it. 

All of this led me to having absolutely where I was recently, realizing that I have successful businesses, but I really had no plan in place to protect my family or my finances from a possible currency collapse. With the economic events happening around the globe I was left me constantly worrying about my finances and how I'd take care of my family should the worst happen. 

What I really wanted to do was get a real store of value in place that would see my family and I through any tough times our world might face if we keep up the irresponsible fiscal policies. I wanted to have a real "Emergency Fund" in place and I knew that an emergency fund that had dollars in it just wouldn't cut it, because that would be of no help if the emergency was the collapse of the purchasing power of the dollar. I wanted to get this in place without having to spend a ton of my currency or having to go out and buy or sell anything. I just wanted to get a savings account setup in Gold that I had complete control over. 

I had a few obstacles in my way though.

To start with, there were my own knowledge gaps. I didn't know what I didn't know. Things like how to buy gold, where to buy gold, how to store it, or what the difference between currency grade and commodity grade gold is - just to name a few. 

Then there was my finances... I always thought gold was expensive because you have to buy it in ounces, which is like $1,300 at the time of this writing. Putting that much cash into savings at a time was hard for me so I never did it. 

Finally, I didn’t have the time to put towards really learning and studying what was going on with our economy and why getting gold was so important. 

However, despite all of these obstacles, I did finally figure everything out. In just just the last few months I've figured out how to exchange my currency for small affordable quantities of currency grade gold. I've really started getting my Emergency Fund in place. Because of how important I think gold is to people's financial safety, I now teach what I've learned to anyone who will listen so they can do start protecting their families and finances. 

There were a few key things I learned that really helped spur me to action in this arena. 

The most important lesson I learned was the difference between currency and money. For years I was calling what I earned from my work money, when what I was really earning was currency. This misunderstanding kept me from getting my hands on any real money (which is gold). 

Then the next important lesson was leaning how our monetary systems really worked in this country. I found out that we were being robbed blind with our eyes wide open. The fraud of our current system is amazing.  


And I finally I found a way to actually acquire currency grade gold as part of an automatic saving strategy and do do so in small gram size quantities that allowed me to acquire it at rates that I could easily afford. 

So, I'm here today and I understand gold very well and I want to do my best to help you do the same. I've written a few powerful articles and compiled a few video lessons below to help you do just that.

In this first article I take Mike Maloney's "Hidden Secrets of Money" video series and break it down into easy to understand 'readers digest' versions. Click here to read the article. This set of videos teaches a lot of the more important concepts I talked about above that really helped me get my economic understanding of gold in order. 

The second piece of content I have for you is actually a live webinar... well actually it's a little more than that. It's more like a mini master class. It's more than an hour of pure hard hitting content that will teach you all about economic history and show you how we are repeating the same mistakes right now and what you should be doing to protect yourself today. I teach this webinar weekly. Click here to register for my next one.

I think you're really going to be able to take the information in those articles and really get your economic house in order. My next goal is to help 1,000 people get 200 grams of real gold saved into an emergency fund. I'm calling it The 200 Gram Club, I can't wait for you to join me.

Richard Matthews
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