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How To Make A Video Sales Letter In 30 Seconds Using Keynote From Apple


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If you do any work at all in Digital Marketing, you know how powerful the Video Sales Letter is. It’s a great way to convey your sales message in a captivating way that lets you control the tone and the pacing.

The only problem is that making the slides from your script can be a pain in the ass. Lots of copy and pasting from your script and formatting slides.

Or you use some “cross-platform” software made by an internet marketer that isn’t that great of a piece of software. It’ll get the job done… but it will be anything buy easy or intuitive.

Well, in this little tutorial, I share with you some little known secrets about the best presentation software on the market that make is really quick and fast to turn your VSL script into your ready-to-record VSL Slide Deck. And you can do it all in about 30 seconds after you get your script prepared.


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