Lead Tracking Alchemy

How To Use Google Tag Manager To Dynamically Track All Of Your Leads With One Form


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What You'll Discover In This Course

This course is designed to teach you how to use Google Tag Manager to allow you to dynamically track leads on your website from multiple advertising sources using a single call-to-action form on your website.

Your Instructor

Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is the founder of Digital Alchemy Academy & RichardMatthews.me. Over the last 7 years Richard has managed ad budgets well over $100,000, generated over 25,000 online leads, and helped create over $50,000,0000 in sales for his clients. Richard is also a highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted some of the top Authors, Coaches, & Consultants across the country. He specializes in helping businesses automate their marketing, build their offers, master their technology, and build their content in ways that convert leads into customers and customers into success stories.


$ 7.00 USD

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