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How To Build A Mini Video Production Studio in Your RV or Small Office

Check out this sweet little tour of my RV Office space and how I turned it into a cool video production studio. Super useful if you have a small office space that you want to use to your plarform building efforts. My lighting isn’t ideal yet, but it’s getting there. Let me know if you have any quesions. Here are the links to all the products mentioned in the video. I don’t actually recommend…

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The One Day Product Creation Formula

How To Turn What You Know Into A Product In 8 Hours Or Less Have you ever felt that high that comes from completing some big task? That exhilaration of knowing you accomplished something that’s going to move your business forward in a big way and help a ton of people? Product creation is one of those high leverage activities that causes major breakthroughs for someone’s business because it allows an expert to create…

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7 Step Formula To Generate 4 New Clients Per Week On Auto Pilot

Let’s face it… a lot of professionals totally suck at marketing their practice and rely heavily on non-scalable marketing methods like: word-of-mouth, referrals, or what I like to call: “The Hope & Pray Method”. Don’t worry, if this sounds like you, it’s not your fault. Most professionals are professionals for a reason. You are great at your craft! You have super powers that literally help people solve some of the biggest problems in their lives. Without you and…

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How To Protect Your Self From US Dollar Collapse

Let me be clear, I’m not an “end-of-the-worlder”, I’m not a “prepper”, I don’t think the world is going to end. In fact, quite the opposite, I’m very optimistic about our future as a people and the good we can do in this world.But, I know – like you probably do – that there some things fundamentally wrong with the current monetary system we have in this country & all around the world.Our paper currencies, like…

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WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review & Walkthrough for 2015. I use WPEngine to host all of my websites and all of my client sites. It’s a fantastic platform and when you are ready to take your business to the next level and get a real professional web host setup you can choose the right plan here: My Top 5 favorite features of WPEngine: 1 – WordPress Only – Makes it ridiculously easy to setup new site and…

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Discover The 4 Steps To Reclaim Lost Revenues In Your Business & Put 20-30% More Cash In Your Pocket in 30 Days

One of the main issues that I see many businesses and practices struggling with today is the amount of money they leave on the table every month. I call this ‘lost’ revenue. Unfortunately, this lost cash flow keeps the business struggling every month and focused on staying afloat rather than on growth and prosperity. Over the last 8 years I’ve been working to solve this problem and today I want to tell you 4…

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Systematic Wealth

I had an epiphany that lead me to quit my high-level 6 figure per year position as a great company. Learn what that epiphany was and how it has lead me on a wonderful path of growth and discovery.

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A Cold Day In Hell

Yesterday I shared with you one of my most intimate stories. Click here if you didn’t get a chance to read it. The birth of my first born son changed me in ways that still echo in the decisions I make to this day. It represented a major push for me to really take on the challenge of making a full time living from home. Over my son’s first year, I took on a…

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The Day My Life Changed Forever

My name is Richard Matthews. I’m the founder of PushButtonPodcasts and the author of this here wonderful newsletter. I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little story about how my life was dramatically changed in the span of a few moments. Then share the secret about how those changes led me to growing a profitable online business and how you can do the same thing. *****Short Story***** “Are you ready?” “What?”…

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On The Accumulation of Stuff

I just recently had the experience of going through everything I’ve collected over a quarter century of life. The reason for doing so was two-fold. One was a simple requirement; my family and I were moving across the country, and we were going to do it with only one sedan sized car. So if it wasn’t essential, we weren’t keeping it. The second reason was a little more profound. Around the same time that…

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A 7-Step Timeout System That Actually Works

Having a standard & consistent method for disciplining our children has lead to having a happy home.

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What Is The Hero Project?

It’s a swift kick in the ass by some guy who’s got waaay better abs than you, runs around in armored underwear, and can kill 3,333 Persians in one go.

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