Ash Ambirge


Ash has graciously accepted the challenge to be on the show! Listen to her story on Episode #002.


Hey Ash,

You have been identified as a Modern Day HERO. One who commands respect and admiration among your followers because of the value you bring to this world.

You have been challenged by Richard Matthews to appear on The HERO Show and to share your deepest darkest secrets to success, influence, and heroism.

If you accept the challenge to be on the show, just give me a shoutout on Twitter @AKATheAlchemist or email me telling me you accept the challenge and we’ll setup a time to do the interview.

I Look forward to talking with you!



To Ash’s Fans or Fans of This Show,

If you want to see her on the show… please leave a comment below letting her know how much you’d like to see her on the show.

Also, like this post by clicking the little heart and share it as far and wide as you can on social media.

If we show Ash enough love, together we should be able to get her on.

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