Changing The Narritive

We Tell The Stories of CEOs & Founders As If They Were Comic Book Super Heros

Hi, I'm Richard Matthews, Host of the HERO Show. Join us as we work to shift the silly cultural narrative that entrepreneurs are villains, and are instead HEROpreneurs working to better our world.

The HERO Show Logo. Changing The Cultural Narrative

Changing the Cultural Perception of Entrepreneurs from Villain to HERO

Shifting the cultural narrative from "Entrepreneurs are Villains" to "Entrepreneurs are HEROs working to better our world". We call them HEROpreneurs.

I built this show because of a cultural problem I see with our view of entrepreneurs. They are viewed as "villains" by much of society. If you want proof, turn on any kids tv show and watch who the villain is. It's always some variation of "evil Entreprenuer pours oil on ducks for money". This view is pervasive in the entertainment industry. They do it because normal stories don't sell. Extremes do. So just like every crime drama is overflowing with serial killers; stories with entrepreneurs usually cast them in the role of villain, because that is counter to reality.

In reality, entrepreneurs operate in a world where our goal is to create win/win situations in every aspect of our business. Which is basically the opposite of villany.

Entrepreneurs make the world go round. Without them, we have nothing. Every item we touch, use, and interact with on a daily basis was at some point handled by an entrepreneur. They are the change makers, the risk takers, the world changes.

But our cultural narrative that casts them as villains, so intent on profit that they lose sight of their humanity. This harms not just entrepreneurs, who are right now working on the solutions to every problem we face, but also every person who interacts with them - thinking them villains to be contended with, instead of HEROs in need of support.

So, this show is about re-framing entrepreneurs as the HEROs you and I both know them to be. To change the conversation. To give hope to new entrepreneurs and raise each other up as we work to make a better world.

This show is about the HEROpreneur.

So with that in mind, we take our time on the show to talk through our guest's story through the lens of a Comic Book Super HERO.

We will talk about their Origin Story, their Super Powers, their Fatal Flaws, their Common Enemy, their Principles, and more.