7 Step Formula To Generate 4 New Clients Per Week On Auto Pilot

Let's face it... a lot of professionals totally suck at marketing their practice and rely heavily on non-scalable marketing methods like: word-of-mouth, referrals, or what I like to call: "The Hope & Pray Method".

Don't worry, if this sounds like you, it's not your fault.

Most professionals are professionals for a reason.

You are great at your craft! You have super powers that literally help people solve some of the biggest problems in their lives.

Without you and your skills, people would suffer.

I refer to professionals like you and me as "HEROpreneurs".

Because you produce things and create value and solve problems for people.

In fact you are probably so good at what you do that you can't help but get the positive word-of-mouth and referrals that have grown your practice to where it is today.

Unfortunately though, you have income goals and you know that word-of-mouth and referrals just aren't a scalable method of reaching those goals.

So, if you're like most professionals you start looking at marketing your practice.

The only problem is that marketing isn't your craft. It's not your super power.

Which is why it is so easy for many professionals to fall victim to the "Hope & Pray Method" of marketing.

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The Hope & Pray Method

The Hope & Pray Method of Marketing

Imagine this and let me know if it sounds familiar at all?

You are at your desk. Perhaps preparing for your next client.

Your mind wanders, imagining what your business would look like if you could just double or triple the number of sales calls, discovery sessions, or patient consultations you had to do.

You wonder: "What would that make my business look like?"

When the phone rings...

On the other line is a sales person who, low-and-behold, tells you that he can get your a boat-load of new leads if you'll only "Fill In The Blank":

  • Buy this Yellow Pages ad
  • Spend money on Google Adwords
  • Buy this super fan dangled SEO package that's sure to get you to the top
  • Start to advertise with Yelp so they'll unlock your 5-Star reviews
  • Pay this firm to manage your reputation on line
  • Hire this social media group to help you go viral locally
  • Or maybe just get a slot on the latest Magazine, TV, Radio, or Sponsorship that's sure to have a viewership full of your ideal prospects

Sound familiar?

The allure of hitting your income targets is too great and you know you need to be doing some marketing, so you buy.

They take your money, start your campaign and you hope and pray that people call and setup appointments or visit your site and fill out your forms.

When it doesn't work or doesn't work as well as you expected for how much money you had to put out, you think that marketing isn't for you and go back to the tried and true word of mouth and referrals.

You are left wondering if it's even possible to scale your practice beyond where it is now.

The Big Problem

I call this the "Hope & Pray Method" because there is no over arching strategy.

There is usually little to no buyer psychology used in the ads.

There is no entering the conversation in the prospects head.

No unique selling proposition.

No call to action.

Generally the marketing pieces or campaigns end up being nothing more than some sort of "We Exist" campaigns.

Where the campaign simply says, "This is our name... this is what we do... oh and we have a phone number."

Mostly it's just a waste of space and money (not to mention the time and attention of the prospects who have real problems and are looking for the real solutions you could provide them if only you knew how to get in front of them in a trust-worthy and compelling way).

It's very rare that any of these tactics are being tracked for effectiveness.

No uniques tracking phone numbers on the physical ads or web properties.

No goal or conversion tracking on the website.

No split testing.

No retargeting of visitors who don't convert.

Just the good old let's "throw crap and see what sticks" methodology.

But that's not even the worst part...

The professionals who fall prey to this type of "hope and prey" (see what I did there 🙂 marketing are not building any sort of leverage-able marketing assets.

Everything is one and done.

Both from the aspect of the marketing pieces themselves, which are usually stand alone pieces and don't fit into anything else the business may be doing.

And from the aspect of how the prospect is handled.

The prospect either takes the desired action (usually calling the business) or they don't.

That's it.

The business have no other opportunity to try and convert that prospect into a client.

That's wasted marketing spend. 

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A Ring On The First Date?

Not to mention the fact that expecting a person who sees your ad to call you when they see it is kind of like going on a blind date with someone and asking them to marry you over the first glass of wine poured at dinner.

It's no small wonder then that most people who see these types of ads or visit most websites don't become clients.

In fact, most industries consider ads that convert at 1, 2, or 3% to be phenomenal.

And then it's up to you, your sales people, or your office staff to close the sale or appointment.

Even if you're really great, you'll only close 50% of those people.

That means at best 97 out of every 100 people who see your ad do nothing with is.

It's even worse with online ads because the prospect has to click the ad first and then decide if they want to call or fill out the form. So it might take 1,000 people to see the ad before you even get 100 to click it... then 1-3% might call or fill out your form.

You might get 1 appointment or sale out of every 100 people who see your offline ad or 1,000 people who see your online ad.

Kinda sucks, huh?

Not only do you have zero opportunity to get in front of those 97 people again, but the few people who did take action, but didn't close into a sale or appointment... most businesses don't follow up with them either.

Let's Change The Game Completely

What if I told you that you could take your online ads and get 10-20% of people to respond instead of 1-3%?

What if I told you that you could not only get in front of the 80-90% people who didn't take action again and again and woo them into becoming clients?

What if I also told you that you could use a proven formula to build a system that will give you tremendous marketing penetration, exposure, and expert positioning in the marketplace, all while giving you a steady flow of leads - that when implemented works again and again, month after month, year after year UNTIL you turn it off?

I'm going to give you a strategy that will generate a continuous supply of local, targeted, qualified leads that are actively looking for your products and services or solutions in real time.

And I'm going to show you how you can use very specific technologies that will allow you to get 500%-700% more leads for the exact same ad spend as your competitors so you can leave them in the dust wondering how you managed to get such a 'huge' marketing budget (because it will seem to them like you are spending 6-8x more money on leads than they are).

No more wasted ad spend.

After you have a strategy like this in place, you'll no longer suffer from "hope & prey" marketing ever again because you'll have a strategy in place and you can judge all other opportunities based on how well they do or don't fit into your strategy.

This is how you create consistent growth ON DEMAND and a leveraged business for life.

I do have to give you warning though, be careful with this stuff because results can happen quickly and you don't want to grow faster than you are prepared to handle.

So let's dive right into it... unless you want to just learn it from me personally, if that's the case then click here to schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with me, Richard Matthews.

Step 1 - Dominate One Area Of Practice

The key is to dominate one area of practice at a time – even if you do a lot more than one thing.

Let say you do end up getting 700% more leads than before with the same marketing budget.

That literally has the same effect as spending 8 times more on marketing than your competitors.

Now imagine focussing all of that spending on one area of practice.

Maybe it's personal injury if you are a lawyer. Maybe it's cataract surgery if you are an Ophthalmologist. Maybe it's retirement planning if you are a financial advisor. Maybe it's health care insurance for families under the Affordable Care Act if you're an insurance agent.

You get the idea.

You will soon become the ‘go-to’ practice for that specific problem in your local area. You become to go to HERO.

Then, after you've dominated that area and you want to grow - you move onto another area of practice.

Another problem you can solve for people in your area.

You expand your hero purview, so-to-speak, and start to solve problems for a new group of people.

You do have the secret to getting leads at a lower cost after all.

Step 2 - Capture The Other 90% Of Leads Your Competitors Are Leaving Behind

Most smart practices send people from online or offline ads to some sort of lead capture page (also called a lead page, a squeeze page, or an opt-in page for those who've studied marketing before).

This is a page where you present an irresistible offer that solves a very specific problem in their life in exchange for that persons contact information so you can follow up with them.

Typically these pages will covert 10% of cold visitors. 20% if you're a persuasive writer and can really make the offer irresistible.

These pages work really well on people who respond to a cold "sales" pitch.

Most practices make there money here (with the 10% who respond) and call it a day.

What if you could capture the other 80-90% of people who don't respond well to cold pitches and turn them into leads as well?

You can use technology to follow up with these people and present them with a different kind of offer. One that is less salesy and allows you to cultivate a relationship with them and become a trusted confidant.

Once you know the secret to capturing these people who saw your initial offer but didn't bite and turning them into leads, then you'll be able to pay 10x as much money for leads and still be able to make money.

This is really powerful stuff and most professionals aren't even aware that you can follow up with people who don't take action on your site, but you can.

We'll get to how you do this in a minute, but first, let's talk about how you get the best people to respond to your ads in the first place.

That way, the 10% who do respond to your offer are your ideal clients and the other 90% are totally worth following up with.

Step 3 - How To Acquire Leads Who Are Ready And Willing To Take Action Now

So far, we've talked about why "hope & prey" marketing is keeping you stuck. Then we covered why you should focus on one area of practice before moving onto another. Then we talked about why you should be capturing folks who don't respond to sales messages. Now I'm going to show you how to tap into a source of people that are willing and ready to take action.

Times have changed.

How many times have you called a lead only for them to have no idea what you were calling about?

We've already said that 80-90% of people don't respond to sales pitches anymore.

So if you want to fill your client list and grow your practice to your dream income level, then you need to be able to both make money from the 10% and cultivate a relationship with the other 90% of people by using a series of specific content pieces that are designed to be "non-salesy".

We'll talk more about that content in a minute.

First let's talk about how to get the 10-20% who are ready to respond to you right now.

Google Ads!

Most professionals think that Google Ads are too expensive or too complex.

That's because they don't know what I'm about to reveal to you.

Google ads can be one of the most lucrative ways of generating local targeted leads because they offer what we like to call "Search Intent"

There are other's of course. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & YouTube all offer some form of search intent or interest based advertising.

Traffic (our marketing term for real people with real problems who click ads and visit websites in search of solutions) is really a commodity today.

If you need more traffic, all you do is go to one of the traffic stores I just mentioned and buy the traffic you want.

But I digress. Google has historically been and continues to be one of the most powerful for local professionals in terms of generating leads who are in pain right now and searching for solutions.

Think about it. Someone goes to Google and types in "Eye Doctor Los Angles", chances are pretty damn good that they need an eye doctor in LA. Just fill in your profession and your city and the story is the same. This is called search intent.

What it means is that when someone performs that kind of search, sees your ad, and clicks on it, you know a very specific type of information about that person.

You know what their problem is and that they are actively looking for a solution to it.

That's very powerful.

Now let's talk about how to use this properly. Take a look at the image below:

Google Ads

What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, the top one is what most professionals do, and they are wasting their money.

It states “Unique eyewear quality service. Eye doctor available.”

What a waste of space. I’m pretty sure that all people expect quality service and that and eye doctor would be available at the optometrist's office. So that is NOT a selling point.

Compare that to the bottom ad.

Firstly, it states “Same Day - $59” – they immediately give the prospect a positive benefit.

Secondly, it pre-frames them to take action. “Quality, Comprehensive Eye Exams. Same Day. Call us now to schedule”

So when the prospects click on that link, they’ll be under no illusion about what to do next – they are going to call to schedule their $59 same day eye exam.

This alone could seriously reduce your cost per lead, and that's just some basics.

Here's another quick tip: the best placement for your ad inside of Google isn't #1. It's #3. If you have good copy, you can get the same number of clicks as #1, but you'll pay much less for them.

Do your google ads suck? Let me help you fix them, then click here to schedule a strategy session.

Google Ads 2

Step 4 - How To Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse

I mentioned earlier that smart marketers send their traffic to a lead capture page. There are lots of lead capture pages available and lots of places that will let you build them.

But remember you goal... to add bottom line revenue to your business.

So, some lead capture pages will do a great job at converting visitors into leads, but those leads may not turn into clients. Some pages might lead to fewer leads, but have a higher over all conversion into clients - this is the type of page you want.

As I mentioned, there are lots of layouts you can use for this page, I'm going to show you one of the pages that really converts the best for nearly any industry and captures people who are ready to take action right now with regard to the problem you help solve.

There are two parts to this page that make it work so well for Search Intent marketing and for people who are looking to solve their problem now.

1 - is the offer made on the page. It's an offer for what is essentially a sales call. It's just framed in what I call a "value in advance" methodology.

You use this appointment to provide value to the client by giving them a plan to solve their problem and then making an offer to work with you to help them implement or accomplish that plan.

If you're an attorney, it could be a free legal consultation. If you're a eye doctor it could be a free eye exam (don't miss how powerful and irresistible a free initial exam could be in brining in new life long clients). If you're a financial planner it could be a free discovery session that helps them get a solid idea of what they need to want to retire. It could be a free analysis or free quote.

We could literally spend hours talking about how to build and execute on this type of value in advance type offer, but hopefully you get the idea. It's actually standard in a lot of industries, it's just not framed as being extremely valuable for the client.

2 - is the actual layout and copy on the page. This layout below has been tested in industry after industry and profession after profession. It works like gang-busters in terms of turning leads into clients.

It's kind of ugly, but who cares if it brings the people in.


Pretty much across the board this layout always out converts any other layout for this type of offer.

Luckily this is a very simple layout and I can help you install one of these in your business with ready to deploy templates.

Remember though that this type of offer and page will only convert that 10-20% of people who will respond to a sales pitch.

We need to talk about how you still reach and capture the other 90% of people who will hit this page and not take you up on the offer.

Brief Detour On Offers

Before we do that though, I want to talk very briefly about other offer types you can make with your landing pages.

The offer we just talked about is basically going direct for the appointment and it's a powerful type of offer to make especially with search intent ads like Google. But you may also want to use Interest based ads on places like Facebook.

I won't get too far into this, but it's much harder to go direct for an appointment because this is essentially an "interruption" type ad and needs to speak to their interest.

So you build what we call in the marketing world a "Lead Magnet". These are simple little content pieces that offer some sort of value in advance. It demonstrates to people that you can help them by actually helping them... novel concept, I know.

It can be a simple blueprint, checklist, template, recipe, formula, or report.

Here are some examples from very successful campaigns:

  • “7 Figure E-Commerce Business Checklist”
  • “How To Lose 100lbs in 100 Days”
  • “How To Gain 28lbs of Muscle In 28 Days”
  • “3 Simple Things To Say To The Cops If You Get Arrested For A DUI That Will Ensure You Don’t End Up In Jail”
  • “5 Simple Hacks You Can Use To Grow Your Business By 226% This Year Alone”
  • “The Kiss Test - How To Tell If A Woman Is Ready For Your Kiss – And How To AVOID Rejection…”

What you do is put your scheduling options at the end (you could lead them to the offer page above if you wanted).

Only ideal clients will reach out to schedule with you, which will help you get rid of time wasters and tire kickers ensuring that you only work with the perfect clients.

Lead magnets are a focused, highly effective, solutions-based (your solutions!) way to do lead generation.

Okay, back to capturing the other 80-90% of people who didn't respond to your offer.

Step 5 - How to you get the other 80-90% of people to respond to you

So you can literally see a 6x increase in the number of leads coming into your practice.

Here's the thing.... smart marketers do everything we just talked about.

However, the top 1%, the high-income earners, do the stuff that we are about to discuss.

Pretty much in any situation where you put out an ad and drive people to a website, you actually have psychic super powers.

How is that you ask?

Simple... you put out an ad and if your copy is clear when someone acts on that ad, then you know something about them.

You know that they have some level of interest in the problem you discussed solving in your ad (that's why clear compelling copy is important in your ads).

This is especially powerful with Search Intent ads, because the person actually got up off their butt (actually they probably sat in their easy chair and used their smartphone today) and SEARCHED for your service.

That means they are in so much pain that they were seeking you out!

Then they clicked on your ad and didn't take action.

Just because they didn’t respond to a sale pitch doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to do business with someone about their problem.

It just means they either don't respond well to cold sales pitches, they just aren't in enough pain yet to respond, or they just don't trust you enough.

What if we could solve all of those problems in one fell swoop and capture as many of these 90%'res as possible?

Here's how you do it.

You play a game of Tag "you're it".

When someone lands on your page, they get ‘tagged’ with a ‘custom retargeting pixel’. This is a nifty little piece of technology that allows you to follow people around on the internet.

Have you ever been looking at something on amazon, only to then see ads for that thing everywhere you go on the internet?

This is called retargeting and it's super powerful.

When you "tag" someone who clicked on your site, but didn't take an offer, you can now put ads in front of these people again and again.

Remember, you know there were looking for a solution to the problem you solve.

But they didn’t respond to a sales pitch.

Sow hat you do is introduce them to Expert Content that revolves around their problem in an effort to drive them back to you, to cultivate a relationship with them, and turn them into clients.

This expert content gently nudges them back to your business.

The trick here is to hit your prospect with a new and different pieces of expert content every single week. The more times you can do it, the better the result.

The content is nothing more than a specifically tailored blog post which is designed to relieve some of the pain they are feeling.

Since you already know what they are looking for (they typed it into Google), your expert content will give them small nuggets of information to help them solve that problem.

This positions you as the expert and you become their confidant. All without speaking a word to them. Pretty sneaky right?

Can you see how this is so much more powerful than other forms of marketing?

Especially for professionals?

Are you ready to have this kind of powerful marketing in your practice, then click here to schedule a 1 on 1 appointment today.

Step 6 - Convincing These People To Become Leads

The Expert Content is going to gently bring prospects back to your website.

Now you need to convince them to do business with you.

Luckily, you have 180 days in which to bring them in. That’s when the retargeting pixels stop following them (unless they visit your website again, which resets the 180-day clock).

That’s good news because if someone isn’t ready to take action now, you’ll be the only professional they can think of when it is time for them to take action.

Now, when they are on your website you need a few elements in place that will turn your site into a lead generation machine.

You need to make it easy for people to become a lead when they are ready.

That requires 3 elements…

1 - The "Hello Bar"

This is a bar that runs across the top or bottom of your website.

It is on every page and it makes it super easy for people to become a lead.

Here are a few example of what theses look like:

Just make a simple offer to schedule an appointment today.

2 - The Side Bar

This is a very simple call to action box on the side of your content.

Every single page of your website should contain this box. The written copy in the box should ‘future pace’ your prospect. That means you should let them know how hassle free their life might be if they hire you.

You want the offer to be a longer version of the offer you make in the Hello Bar.

You also want the button to be contrasting in color from the rest of the site. You want it to stand out.

Here is an example, it's not in the professional service space, but the sidebar offer stand out clearly and makes a good offer:


3 - The Lead Box

When someone clicks on one of those buttons, you need to have a simple box that pops over your site. This box makes it super easy to become a lead.


Here is what they look like:


Just ask for name, email, and phone number. Whatever you do, don’t ask for more information than this. It’ll kill your conversion rates.

Whatever else you need from them you can get over the phone.

Step 7 - Rinse & Repeat

Now you are dominating the one local area of your practice.

You are getting tons of local leads, and business is better than ever before.

Simply take this exact system and replicate it for another area of practice's specialty.

In all honesty, you might have to think about taking on a few more professionals.

I have heard of some professionals actually hiring other specialists in areas they knew nothing about because they know the secrets of brining in low-cost leads and turning them into clients.

So, if you'd like to learn all the nitty gritty how to's for implementing this type of system for your practice, then click here to schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with me, Richard Matthews.