1986 Foretravel GrandVilla 3300 SBI w/Tag Axle



Your Freedom & Adventure Await With This Classic & Carefully Restored RV

RV Details

 Class A
 3300 SBI GrandVilla
 33 Ft
 For Sale
 Yes (2)
 Chevy P-30
 Family Growing

Engine Details

 7.4L 454
 Class A
 52,560 (At This Time)


What Is A Foretravel?
Exploring The Outside
Exploring The Storage Bays
Exploring The Inside: Captains Area & Living Room
Exploring The Inside: Captains Area & Living Room

My wife and I are growing the family and our wonderful GV 3300 SBI is going too become to small for us in about 9 months time. We are going to upgrade to a 40ft Model, which sadly means we need to sell Rosa (that's her name: Rosa Verde - RV for short).

We have spent the last 14 months living in, traveling with, and restoring this beautiful coach. I have put countless time and hours into meticulously restoring and modernizing her. Many of the appliances inside are now 2017/18 models.

We love her to bits and have put nearly 10K miles on her, which puts her at a spry 52,600 miles (as of this writing). Most mechanical issues for an engine this age have been dealt with (many with help from the wonderful people here on this forum).

This means you aren't buying a project coach. You're buying a coach ready for that next trip. Ready to bring you the freedom to adventure and explore. Of course, with a coach like this, there are always more projects you could come up with or things you could change to make it your own - but nothing that needs to be done to start using it.

Here is the floorpan (3300 GVF SBI):

Here is the Spec Sheet (Pre-Restoration):

(One note, spec sheet is wrong on Gas Tank size. It's 50 Gallons.)

List of renovations:

Below the coach

  • new brakes,
  • new transmission cooler lines,
  • new gear box,
  • new starter,
  • new isolator,
  • new power steering pump,
  • new wires,
  • new heat shielding,
  • straight piped exhaust (by PO),
  • air compressor repaired and re-wired,
  • new tag axle airbags,
  • new tires on date of purchase in May 2017

Dog House Exploration

  • new starter solenoid,
  • new fusible links,
  • new fuel lines,
  • new fuel filters,
  • new air filters,
  • new vacuum filters,
  • new cap,
  • new rotor,
  • new spark plug wires,
  • new spark plugs

External Storage Bays + other stuff

  • propane bay:
    • new propane regulator,
    • new bbq hook up,
    • new hole for bbq hose.
  • Generator bay:
    • new chains,
    • re-routed generator exhaust pipe
  • Tank bay:
    • new plumbing,
    • new valves,
    • new hose holder
  • Storage bay:
    • new air hose and reel
  • All Bays:
    • all brand new latches (nearly $500 of new latches)

Water heater

  • new thermostats,
  • new propane regulator,
  • new sparker,
  • new plugs,
  • new wires,
  • new electric heating rod + thermostat

Driving Area

  • New ignition switch,
  • new neutral safety switch,
  • new theater setup,
  • tv swivel mount,
  • new ac plug routed through wall,
  • new curtains, with tie backs,
  • All lights upgraded to led,
  • Captains chairs are leather, good shape,

Living Room

  • all reading lights converted to LED,
  • sliding cabinets all in great shape (oiled regularly),
  • solid teak wood,
  • updated metal grates (all new turn buttons as well - nearly 200 of them),
  • new valances,
  • new curtains,
  • re-installed original hide-a-table,
  • new vinyl flooring,
  • repainted table floor mounting holes,
  • repainted walls,
  • nice tables with storage in hallway,
  • updated plug with USB,
  • updated all overhead lights with LED,
  • under valence LED lights,
  • brand new air conditioner (brisk air II in front - only a few weeks old as of this writing).


  • new stairwell,
  • new battery monitor,
  • new batteries,
  • new smoke detector,
  • new carbon monoxide alarm,
  • new propane alarm,
  • paper bowl holder,
  • new convection oven with custom mounts,
  • new back splash,
  • new water filter,
  • new filter faucet,
  • added electric heating element to water heater,
  • brand new refrigerator,
  • new vacuum cleaner (Dirt Devil 1500),
  • broken ice maker removed and turned into laundry basket holder with slider drawer,
  • Winguard antenna lift converted into cell phone signal booster antenna lift (with custom mounts),


  • cedar lined closet,
  • new led lights,
  • wardrobe or bathroom open up to close off bedroom area,
  • cell phone signal booster wired through floor and come out standard coax output in bedroom,
  • new latches on all doors (matching)


  • new latch,
  • added child height latch and roller ball door stop,
  • new led lights all around,
  • new shower curtain pole,
  • new shower head (Oxegenics Body Spa),
  • new flooring,
  • re-caulked shower,
  • big vanity,
  • big under shelf storage,
  • fan to remove kids fart smells and moisture from showers,


  • new hinges + gas pistons on bed,
  • painted back cabinets and trim and hardware,
  • new usb capable plug,
  • cedar lined long term storage,
  • clock/alarm on wall,
  • generator start switch,
  • under valence LED strips,
  • new Automatic Transfer Switch,
  • new inverter 2000 watt GPElectric,
  • new inverter remote,
  • new water pump,
  • new plumbing,
  • new flooring continues,
  • cell signal booster wiring is setup on vanity,
  • tv mounted over vanity,
  • shelf mounted over vanity for internet stuffs.


  • new ladder for roof access,
  • new cover on back ac,
  • spare brand new motor for back ac if needed (a spare part),
  • signal booster antennas + custom mounts,
  • new front ac,
  • roof in good shape no leaks.
  • Needs new sunroof dome (Foretravel has these).

Window awnings with metal covers are in great shape

This is still our full-time home. And we travel. So the milage will be going up. I'm still updating things when I get a chance or come up with new ideas.

Please message me for our current location if you want to see it. We can also plan to stop somewhere long enough to show you. Ideally we'd be able to meet in Longview, TX for a final purchase and transfer on money and keys.... that way we can move our life into our new coach there.

We will also do a full clean and touch-up of the coach before delivering to you. So it's all sparkly and beautiful.


  • There is a very slow oil leak somewhere in the engine bay. About 1 quart of oil is lost every 2-3000 miles.
  • There is no large awning. I got a quote to put on an original but new ZipDee Awning. Will be about $2400 installed. You can get SOB Awning for about $1900... but with a beautiful coach like this... why would you do that?
  • If I were keeping it, I'd be replacing the new curtains with cool day/night roller shades. Just because I like them better than curtains. Quote for those is about $900 (minus install - was going to do this myself).
  • I think it'd be cool to update the engine bay/captains area carpet with some low-pile tan or gray carpet that fits the color scheme better. But, honestly don't know if I'd ever do this cause the carpet that's there is completely serviceable.
  • Thought about replacing the oven/range with a dish washer + new range only over the top of it. Never got around to measuring this out though... so it's just an idea. Not sure if it could be a reality.
  • All the DC stuff I setup with the monitors and battery bay is ready to add solar to the roof. I didn't do this, but I did price it out. A few hundred for the controller that matches the battery monitor and about 2-3K for panels depending on how many you want.
  • She needs new stripes (assuming you don't like the all white fiberglass look). Got a quote for this from Temecula Graphics in Temecula CA. $10/SqFt Printed and Installed. Any design you want. It'd be about $700 for the whole coach for the striping I was looking at.
  • She needs a good buff/wax - Got a quote for a guy who hand buffs fiberglass to a like-new shine and waxes the whole thing for $350 at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee CA. Johnny's Detailing.

I think this coach would be worth every penny of these renovations.

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