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Entrepreneurs Are NOT Villains... they are HEROs. Listen now and see why.

Episode 254 – Adam Akins

By Richard Matthews | May 29, 2024

Join us today on The Hero Show as Adam Akins shares his incredible journey with Inhouse Advertising. From taking over his family’s business in 2017 to growing it by over $5 million, Adam dives into the challenges and successes he’s faced.

Discover how staying adaptable in a changing media landscape has been key to their success, and why blending digital with traditional media is still essential today. Tune in to learn valuable lessons in leadership, marketing, and more with Adam Akins.

Episode 253 – Chris Jungjohann

By Richard Matthews | May 22, 2024

In this episode of The Hero Show, dive into the world of creativity with guest Chris Jungjohann. Together, we explore the keys to unlocking creative success and how to overcome common hurdles that block the creative process.

Chris shares insights from his journey, offering valuable tips for anyone looking to unleash their creative potential. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or entrepreneur, this episode is packed with inspiration to help you break through barriers and bring your ideas to life.

Tune in and unlock your creativity today!

Episode 252 – Lauren Shippy

By Richard Matthews | May 15, 2024

Welcome back to The Hero Show! In this insightful episode, join in as Lauren Shippy, the mastermind behind StoryWork, reveals the secret to crafting stories that transform businesses.
From her early role as COO to founding a strategy powerhouse, Lauren shares invaluable lessons on driving results through authentic engagement.

Uncover how identity-based strategies and meaningful connections can elevate your brand in an AI-driven world. Don’t miss out on this game-changing conversation that will inspire entrepreneurs and leaders alike to harness the power of their stories.

Listen now and take the first step towards storytelling that makes a difference.

Episode 251 – Pascal Bachmann

By Richard Matthews | May 8, 2024

In this episode of The Hero Show, join the conversation with Pascal Bachmann, a master in personal branding and PR, as we dive into his journey from martial arts to becoming a CEO that empowers entrepreneurs.

Discover Pascal’s unique approach to life and business, focusing on authenticity and impact beyond the ego. Learn how discipline and a strong personal brand can drive success and fulfillment.

This episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to make a real difference in their industry. Tune in to get inspired and transform your approach to personal branding and entrepreneurship.


Permission To Play

Exploring The Five Freedoms

Deep dives on family first entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, the five freedoms, & heroic brands.

How To Build A Mini Video Production Studio in Your RV or Small Office

By Richard Matthews | February 23, 2019

Check out this sweet little tour of my RV Office space and how I turned it into a cool video production studio. Super useful if you have a small office space that you want to use to your plarform building efforts. My lighting isn’t ideal yet, but it’s getting there. Let me know if you…

The One Day Product Creation Formula

By Richard Matthews | May 3, 2016

How To Turn What You Know Into A Product In 8 Hours Or Less Have you ever felt that high that comes from completing some big task? That exhilaration of knowing you accomplished something that’s going to move your business forward in a big way and help a ton of people? Product creation is one…

7 Step Formula To Generate 4 New Clients Per Week On Auto Pilot

By Richard Matthews | November 20, 2015

Let’s face it… a lot of professionals totally suck at marketing their practice and rely heavily on non-scalable marketing methods like: word-of-mouth, referrals, or what I like to call: “The Hope & Pray Method”. Don’t worry, if this sounds like you, it’s not your fault. Most professionals are professionals for a reason. You are great at your craft! You…

How To Protect Your Self From US Dollar Collapse

By Richard Matthews | July 1, 2015

Let me be clear, I’m not an “end-of-the-worlder”, I’m not a “prepper”, I don’t think the world is going to end. In fact, quite the opposite, I’m very optimistic about our future as a people and the good we can do in this world.But, I know – like you probably do – that there some…


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I travel full-time with my wife, 4 children, a standard poodle, and 2 ferrets. I spend 8-10 hours a week running my companies and the rest of my time living my best life. I've been living the dream for more than 6 years and have lots of ideas on how other entrepreneurs can do the same if they want.

I write on this blog about the concepts that let me live this lifestyle: Family First Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle Design, & HEROic Brands so other business owners can finally give themselves permission to play.

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