Richard has a passion for helping people succeed in all aspects of life from entrepreneurship to parenting. He creates products to help solve specific problems.See Products »


Seeking to inspire change in people’s actions, Richard has spoken to groups around the country on topics ranging from self education and entrepreneurship to genital integrity.Book Engagement »


With a keen ability to read others and really get at the heart of what others think and feel, Richard can help grow develop your products, build your business, and focus your marketing.Get Results »

Your Kids Are Gonna Have A Hero. It Had Damn Well Better Be You.

Richard Matthews

Resourceful Entrepreneur Academy

If you are looking to escape the J.O.B. paradigm and take control of you life today. This step-by-step video academy will teach you everything you need to know about starting and running an online business built around something you love doing.Escape the J.O.B. »

Project: HERO

It’s a swift kick in the ass by some guy who’s got waaay better abs than you, runs around in armored underwear, and can kill 3,333 Persians in one go.Kick Ass & Gain Influence »

Genital Integrity Resources

Men deserve the same right to a whole body as women. Find out how genital mutilation negatively affects every man woman and child involved.Save The Foreskins »

Why Your Website Annoys The HELL Out Of Your Visitors

The Small Business Owners Guide To Fixing The 35 Profit Killing Mistakes That Plague Your Web Presence Today. A short easy read designed for people who run small local businesses and need a web presence that works for them.Save The Foreskins »

“Life Is Too Short To Do Shit You Hate”

Gary Vaynerchuck